Best Beard Dyes – Why You Need It And How To Dye Your Beard Properly

It’s time to talk beard dyes (or beard coloring as some folks call it). Maybe you want to dye your beard a crazy color like red, or maybe you need to mask your gray beard, etc… are mission is to help you find the best beard dye for your needs.

Why Should You Use A Beard Dye?

Beard dyes are perfect for men who want to cover up some gray or for those who just want their facial hair to be a different color. I know many guys who grown a blond beard or a red beard but want that perfect brown/black beard look. How do they achieve it? By using a good beard dye of course.

Some people find that dyeing a beard is a pain in the ass, and you may too, but if you’re unhappy with the color of your facial hair I definitely suggest at least trying it once.  Since bearding is a “craft” hobby, you’re likely to find some natural beard dyes that you really like. If that’s the case you just need to be prepared to re-dye your beard every few weeks as your facial hair continues to grow out.

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Just for Men Mustache and Beard Color

Blackbeard For Men

GreyFree Instant hair Color Touch Up

Are Beard Dyes Safe For Sensitive Skin?

It depends on the beard dye you get. If you purchase an all natural beard dye, you should be fine. Just remember to moisturize your skin often and keep proper maintenance of your beard. If you’re looking for some of the best natural beard dyes, just skip to the table below where we list our recommended beard dyes.

How To Dye Your Beard

This section seems fairly straight forward, however, we’re going to explain it anyway. Sit back, relax, and absorb the powers that be on how to get a perfectly colored beard.

Step 1) Purchased desired dye. Prepare as directed and make sure you’ve got all the necessary tools and stain protection. Make sure you aren’t wearing your favorite shirt or pants.

Step 2) Dye a test patch to make sure the dye is your desired color. Remember that the dye might slightly fade, so typically it will be bolder than normal at initial application time.

Step 3) If you are satisfied with the color, brush dye evenly on your beard. Let it soak into the hair, and make sure you cover all hair follicles. We suggest brushing lightly so that you do not dye your skin behind the beard/mustache/goatee.

Step 4) Let beard dye sit for the necessary amount of time.

Step 5) Success! You now have a dyed beard!

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