Appearances are everything. Keeping your look sharp and professional is what will propel your head and shoulders above the competition. Finding the right trimmer for your beard, mustache and facial hair is definitely a key element of that. There are a handful of things that should be considered when looking for the best beard trimmer for yourself.

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Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Beard Trimmers

Power Source

The power source for the trimmer will be an important aspect to consider. This is how the trimmer will run and operate. The longer the battery life, the longer it operates and allows for that expert finishing touch.

Corded or Cordless

One of the first things in this topic to consider is whether a corded or cordless trimmer is best. If the trimmer is going to stay stationary in a bathroom or home, then having a cord on it probably does not matter much. Many corded trimmers offer the benefits of having batteries that last longer as well as being a bit more durable than their cordless counterparts.

If the trimmer is to be moved around a lot, business trips, excursions, vacations, then one may want to consider a cordless model. These models typically charge faster and offer the flexibility to be used wherever needed. Mobility is easier for there is no cord to wrap around wrist and hands. This allows for a smoother shave and better flexibility in getting those hard to reach spots.

There are also battery operated models. These can be recharged with a cord, but allow for shaving whenever and wherever it is needed. These are versatile and streamlined to fit in luggage, toiletry bags, and even a coat pocket. Easy to use, versatile, but do lack some of the power of the other models. This type of model is perfect for the guy on the go who wants a quick touch up while running to his next meeting.

Run Time

Along this same line, one will need to consider the length of time that they will need the trimmer to operate. Some folks can get the job done in 5 or 10 minutes, so the battery life on the trimmer does not really matter. For these guys, a model with quick charge, one-minute charging, three minutes of use, can suffice for their needs.

Another good option for those who do not really use or need the trimmer for long periods of time is the battery operated models. These do not require a plug in for charging, can be used as the individual is driving, on the train or even waiting for an appointment and can be stored in pocket or briefcase.

Cordless trimmers tend to need a longer charge time, between one hour and 15 hours. These models do offer longer run time when they are fully charged. These run times can be as long as 2 hours, and as short as 50 minutes. Also, watch the type of battery that comes with the trimmer. The lithium ion batteries are best for they hold the charge longer and keep the trimmer working longer.

Beard Type

This may not seem like a big deal, but it can drastically affect the performance of the trimmer chosen. The hair type of the user can be fine, very thick, or fall somewhere in between. While any trimmer may do the job on fine hair types, this is not the truth with thicker hair that can clog the trimmer.

Keep in mind that if the individual has fine hair, while any trimmer will do the job, it may not necessarily do the job well. Those trimmers that are specifically for thicker hair may not trim as effectively or as neatly with fine hair. This is the reason why if multiple types of hair exist on the one person to get a trimmer that can easily adjust between them.

The trimmer is best when it has a variety of settings for different hair lengths and types. These settings allow for a closer trim in one area, a longer trim in another. This makes the grooming experience more holistic than having simply one set length on the trimmer. This also allows for an all over grooming experience. After all, who has just one type of hair on their entire body?

The blade will make a huge difference with hair type and even the purpose for getting the trimmer. The sharper and more precise the blade, the better it will trim and cut hair, like a blade through butter. Chromium steel blades tend to be one of the desired types, but one can also find stainless steel blades.

The chromium steel blades are also longer lasting and resist nicks and erosion better. These blades are built for performance and offer just that. They will give the closest most precise trim available for a wide variety of lengths and hair types.

If the user has sensitive skin, there is no need for alarm. Many of the blades can be found in a hypo-allergic variety that is easy on the skin and even offers moisturizers. Consider for a moment why the trimmer is being purchased and used. The purpose for the trimmer can also affect the type of blades that are sought after.

Most people will recommend washing your beard and applying beard wax and beard balm before trimming. You can apply beard oil and beard conditioner after your trim for a great smell.

Length and Size

Size does matter when it comes to blades. For instance, when considering the blades on the trimmer, they can be as short as .7mm to 3mm in length. This is a big difference. Using the wrong size blade can not only cause cuts and nicks, it can also irritate skin. This is also true of length settings. These settings allow for a closer cut in some places, and longer lengths in others.

Length settings can be manual, but it is probably best to have them built right into the trimmer. This makes for ease of use and a sharper final outcome. Setting the length with an automatic setting is as easy as pressing a button. Why have to change attachments and fight with screws and wheel based setting adjusters when a button is so much easier to operate.

Dual sided blades allow for greater detailing but may be more than some may desire. The dual sided blade also allows for multiple directions to the trim. With a single sided blade, cutting and trimming can only take place in one direction. A dual sided blade can cut no matter which direction the trimmer is being pulled.

Finally, consider attachments. These allow for a full body grooming experience and different looks to be attained. These attachments will allow for a variety of different ways to change up your look and make an impression. Whether seeking to manscape, simply trim a beard or mustache, or even other areas of the body, these attachments can make acquiring the desired look simple and easy.

Purpose of the Beard Trimmer

All of these considerations fall back on one simple thing. That is, the reason why the trimmer is being bought. Some of these reasons can include:

  • Trim Beard
  • Groom Mustache
  • Deal with Stubble
  • Remove all Facial Hair
  • All Over Grooming Experience

These factors will determine the size, type and power of trimmer to be shopped for. The market offers many choices. Some will choose to purchase two or more trimmers that focus on one set area over another, while others may desire a trimmer that can do it all.

The best rule of thumb is to identify the main reason or reasons why the trimmer is desired before making a final decision on a model. It may be advantageous to shop around first and see what the market offers before deciding why the trimmer is wanted. Knowing what the options are can make the difference in size, style, and price.

Simplicity of Use

The purpose of the trimmer is important in determining the model that will be acquired. In considering a trimmer one should also take into consideration how easy it is to use as well. If the trimmer has too many attachments that are hard to put into use when desired, or even has complicated directions for use, or needs to be cleaned all the time, the trimmer may simply end up on a shelf gathering dust.

There are a number of different perks that trimmers offer that can make it easy to use. Among these perks include:

  • Washable
  • Easy to Handle
  • Contoured handle for easy grip
  • Turbo speed Settings
  • Lightweight

Many trimmers allow the owner to simply run it under a faucet to wash it off. This makes for a clean trimmer that will always be ready for the next shave. Other models may require a more lengthy cleaning process that includes removing blades and other components in order for the trimmer to be thoroughly cleaned.

Easy to handle and having a contoured handle for easy grip tend to be among the more highly desired features of a trimmer. That is because these features make it easy to hold, easy to use and versatile for a number of different applications.

Grips are a feature that has been improving over the course of the last few years. Rubber grips make it so that even if the trimmer is wet (or the person’s hands are wet) that it will not be dropped or slip in the hand. This not only makes the trimmer easy to use but safer to use.

Best Beard Trimmer: Personal Preferences

No one can identify the perfect trimmer for everyone. This all comes down to personal preferences. what will work and be the most effective and efficient trimmer for one person may turn out to be a nightmare for another. Generally knowing what your personal need is and what the purpose for the trimmer is, is the best way to identify a model and brand that works best for your circumstances.

There are many different models out there. Each has its strong points, and each has its weaknesses. What is most important is that each individual who is seeking a trimmer knows the basics as to what they can afford, what they want and what they expect the trimmer to do.

Be sure to talk to professionals and get the opinion. Barbers and other hair care professionals can weigh in as to what they consider to be the most efficient and effective trimmers. Talk to friends, ask other family members and even sales people can aid in the quest for the perfect trimmer for you. In the end, simply remember to shop around and be comfortable with the final decision. It is your beard, mustache, and hair so it is your choice as to what is best.