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I 81ro0AkUdVL._SL1500_first experienced using The Art Of Shaving products several years ago after my wife surprised me with their Lemon  full size kit for a holiday (I can’t remember if it was my birthday or Christmas). I was still using cartidge razors at the time, but the set was wonderful. It was my first time ever using a shaving brush, pre-shave oil, and actual shaving cream that required me to create a lather with a brush.
While the shaving cream from the kit is long used up, I am still using the lemon pre-shave oil, so I wanted to give a write-up on it.

Application – For application I unscrew and place my finger over opening, tilt the bottle, and let the oil onto my finger. I spread through my hands and apply across my facial hair. Application is pretty simple, but I have found that this oil is a bit messy during application. It’s hard to get off your hands.

Scent – A faint lemon scent that is very appealing and not over powering. If you’re a fan of citrus scented shave products you’ll enjoy it.

Protection – I have not experienced any razor burn on my face, but I have found it to not prevent razor burn on my sensitive areas of my neck. I wouldn’t expect a pre-share oil to “prevent” but it can definitely protect the skin and minimize cuts and razor burn which I believe it does.