Last updated 9th March 2017 Tabac is known to provide a shaving experience that is above average in the wet shaving niche. As we mentioned above it can be a bit more expensive than other brands, however because its usage lasts for so long it ends up being very cost friendly in the long run.

Perfect for both straight razors and safety razors, we highly suggest you try it out. Straight razor users are particularly attracted to Tabac shaving soap because of its quality lather and formula.

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Tabac Original Shaving Soap
And Ceramic Jar

Tabac Original Shaving Soap Refill

Tabac Original Shaving Soap Tub

Very long lasting, you can expect the cost per usage of this soap to equal out its expensive cost up front. It’s shipped in a ceramic mug, which is quite sturdy and good for generating a lather. The original scent has been enjoyable to some, and less enjoyable to others, so keep an open mind when using it.

The Tabac soap tub is a bit larger than some lather cups, so it may take some water/soap ratio adjustment. Overall, it’s a great soap that lasts forever and gets the job done. It’s a high quality purchase and we recommend you test it out!

Tabac Original Shaving Soap Refill

Almost exactly the same product as mentioned above, this is just the soap portion. Since you’ve already purchased the tub, this is great if you’re just looking for replacement soap.

Tabac Shaving Soap History

Maurer & Wirtz (the mega perfume company) is the creator of Tabac and was originally founded in 1845.

Originally created in Stohlberg, Germany they started out by selling soft soaps, detergents, and perfumed toilet soaps. In around 1889, Maurer & Wirtz finally stepped into the big guns of the industry with their launch of hydroelectric powered production facilities.

This allowed them to grow at great speed, eventually leading them to launch a high quality soap company in Vienna. They offer the Tabac Original, Mistral, Sir Irisch Moos, Tosca, and Tabac Man products as well as several other high quality lines.

As far as the scent is concerned, it seems that some folks love and other hate it. It’s really a scent that you need to try and find out if you are ok with. If you’re someone who is subject to common razor burn, you’ll likely find that this soap is great for you. It’s known as an ally to razor burn shavers and is know to leave the skin quite moisturized.

Tabac Triple Milled Shaving Soap

Yes, you read that right, Tabac is a triple milled soap. This helps to ensure that the lather is consistent throughout the soaps entire usage. Developed by French folks, this is a soap creation technique that is used outside of the shaving niche.