peppermint shaving cream reviewHohoho! It’s the holiday season, and today i’m going to be doing a Peppermint Shaving Cream review by The Art Of Shaving. They’ve taken the Christmas and holiday festivities to a step further by introducing this limited edition scent.

The first thing I want to put out there is that I was scared as heck to try this shaving cream. Firstly because as peppermint I expected an awkward tingling mix of overpowered menthol and synthetic peppermint. Secondly, I have extremely sensitive skin, so I expected my face to freak out and start burning right away from fragrance reaction.

My expectations were completely wrong, so let’s dig into why…


I am very happy with this peppermint scent. It smells authentic and is very mild. In fact, I quite enjoyed it because it’ almost like a candy cane undertone while you’re shaving.


One of the great things about all the shaving creams I’ve used by The Art Of Shaving is the fact that they can be used in a brush or also brushless. To date I’ve only used this with a shave brush, but it lathered extremely well. I am particularly fond of their creams and the thick rich lather that they provide. This cream is no different.

Is It Safe For Sensitive Skin? What Are Ingredients?

Yes! I am stoked for this because I have extremely sensitive skin. It limits what I can use scent wise and unfortunately can take the fun out of wet shaving a bit, however my skin reacted perfectly fine to this scent.

Ingredients consist of Glycerin, coconut oil, and essential oils.

Can women use this shaving cream?

Yup! The Art Of Shaving says that it makes a great gift for both men and women since it can be lathered up just using your fingers.

Shave Quality

I’d say this is on par with any other The Art Of Shaving cream quality. I actually used this to help shave off my existing beard with a Merkur 34C razor. Worked like a charm and after two passes still felt great! My shave was smooth (I don’t go against the grain, so I can’t comment on that part) and my wife was satisfied with my soft face.


Remember this is limited edition, so once the holidays are over… it’s out of here. You can pick up a 5 ounce jar of this for $27. You really don’t need much at all to create a great shave, doesn’t matter if you are a cartridge or wet shaver, you’ll be pleased with your purchase!