41JTAn0K4OLThe adjustable head is one of the best features of this nicely crafted razor. With settings ranging from 0-6, zero being minimal amount of razor exposed, to 6 being a more considerable amount of razor exposed. The more conservative end of the adjustability is great for the sensitive areas like the chin. Turning it up to the more aggressive setting higher numbers works well on tougher areas like the jawbones when your significant other demands you shave off that four day growth of mutton chops!

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One slight word to the wise on the adjustable head, make sure your hands are dry when you are adjusting the razor exposure. A slippery hand on the head could come around to the razor part instead of the intended enclosed sides. This should be basic common sense that any one should be able to figure out.

Unlike other razors on the market, like the usual 3 piece setup, and the twist to open the bay doors setup, the Merkur Futur is much more thought out. This design helps to add to the space age appearance. The Merkur Futur seems to be as nicely engineered as what have come to expect in German sports cars, difference is, this Safety Razor is much more feasible to be in your budget than that beautiful roadster sitting on the car lot!


  • Great quality, well designed razor.
  • Solid shaving tool, does not feel like it will fall apart in your hand.
  • Weight of razor can do most of the work for you, no need to bare down on the sensitive areas.
  • Can even take off that three day stubble with ease.
  • Head can be adjusted to zero in on that perfect shave.
  • Size and weight make you feel like you’re William Wallace on the battlefield with his infamous sword, which is awesome if you ever need to defend your freedom while shaving!


  • Would not win the beauty contest of razors, though it might get the Mr. Congeniality award.
  • Large girth that helps with the shave, may be cumbersome to small handed users.

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How to Use a Merkur Futur Razor

If you are looking to grow up from those multi blade razors with training wheels advertised on tv saying that the 10th blade on the head makes a huge difference, the Merkur Futur could be the last razor you ever need to buy. So put on your big boy pants, upgrade to a single razor like your Grandpa used to shave with while he was fighting the Axis Powers during WWII, and used until the day he died. The Merkur Futur is a modern upgraded version of that timeless single safety blade classic.

This razor’s strength is in its size and weight. With the strength to power through stubborn stubble in a single pass, its girth enables the razor to do the work for you without having to bear down so hard on that face of yours. Whether your skin is as tough as leather, or as sensitive as baby’s skin, the Merkur Futur is up for the job.

Finally threw away your last disposable razor, or twenty dollar razor cartridge, and now you have made the choice to be a man and use a real razor like the Merkur Futur but do not know how to use it? No worries grasshoppa, we can guide you onto the path of enlightenment on using a expertly wielded piece of metal. This path will not be easy, or always have smooth sailing, you may encounter the occasional nick or two, but what does not kill you, makes you stronger, and the same applies to your skin.

First make sure your skin is adequately warmed and moistened before shaving. This can be done either by a nice hot shower, or a warm wet towel on the part of your face you intend to shave, I would recommend you avoid the eyebrows! This warm, wet exposure forces your facial hair to stand on end at attention, making them easier to chop down, it also aids in opening your pores. The water softens the forest on your face, and turns it into a lush spring lawn. Now that your skin, and facial hair are adequately softened and prepared, feel free to generously apply the rich lather of the shaving cream of your choice. We recommend using a brush to apply the shaving cream.

Adjust the head of the Merkur Futur to the setting most suited for you, lower for sensitive skin, and higher numbers for tougher stubble and skin. Lower numbers are also useful for a more regular shave, whereas higher numbers are suited for the procrastinating shavers in all of us. With a steady grip, pull the Merkur Futur along your face with the grain at first. You do not need to press hard to get that close shave, the weight of the razor does the job for you. On your second or third pass, if needed, and if you are comfortable enough, go against the grain for an even closer shave. Be sure to rinse the razor every so often. Upon final inspection of your face for any remaining stubble, rinse your face and neck with warm water, and apply a warm towel to dry off your newly smoothened skin. Now that your face is clean, be sure to clean your Merkur Futur so it continues to serve you years down the road. To increase the life of the razor, and ensure a close shave, replace the blades approximately every 4 uses.

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The Design and Specs of the Merkur Futur

Style: Two part, 6 levels of adjustment, double edged safety razor, with easy to remove head

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Form: A hefty behemoth of a razor, a beauty to behold to some, cumbersome to others.

Function: AWESOME! Kind of like driving a European Sports car, has the power, has the handling, but can you control it?

Fit in hand: depends on your hand size. Comfortably fits in average to large size hands with a sturdy grip. Takes a bit of getting used to for those with extremely small hands, or those used to the generic disposable razor.

The overall appearance of the Merkur Futur really depends on the eye of the beholder. Some users enjoy the large size, and smooth lines, whereas others pass it by based on looks alone. If one can get past the looks, or even better appreciate that big is beautiful, the function of this safety razor is awe inspiring. It makes slicing through up to four day old stubble feel like a hot knife through butter. So do not judge this book, or razor by its cover or, and you will be glad you did. The amazing performance of your newest addition to your morning routine will make you glad you chose it even years from now.

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Merkur Futur vs. Merkur Vision

In summation of the comparison of the two razors from Merkur, it really comes down to personal preference. Both are well designed, both are quite solid in construction and weight. The Merkur future tends to appeal to more aesthetically, it also has easier to understand and measure the blade adjustment. Of course there is also the obvious price difference.

If you are on the market to upgrade your shaving tool, the Merkur Futur is definitely one for you to take into consideration. It is a high quality tool to add to your morning routine. The only downfalls to it are its size, which helps it to do most of the work for you, and overall appearance not being the slimmest most beautiful model on the stage. But as said before, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you are holding this razor, you can feel confident in a close, clean shave, the Merkur Futur is the way to go!