810wucRdAZL._SX522_The Wacky Tacky wax by Firehouse Moustache Wax was originally created by fireman Farrier John Pitts. Mr. Pitts was an avid moustache wax user whose favorite brand happened to go out of business. He took it upon himself to build his own wax made to withstand a variety of weather conditions such as heat, humidity, damp, and coldness.

Firehouse Moustache Wax “Wacky Tacky” has 3 variations:

Light Wax – designed for men with gray and/or blonde hair

Dark Wax – designed for men with a medium hair color

Wacky Tacky – designed for men with brown or black hair

Firehouse has held their wax recipe very close to them and the ingredients are not widely known at this point in time.

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FireHouse Wacky Tacky Mustache Wax Details

This wax is designed to provide a firm hold that lasts all day long. Application is easy, however it is recommended to soften it up slightly (you can do this by just putting it in your pocket and letting it warm up from your body heat). It’s hand crafted in the USA.

How To Apply Wacky Tacky Mustache Wax

As with all mustache wax, people apply it in a variety of different ways. Some folks have tricks that work for them, so we’re just going to be covering the general application instructions here.

Step 1) Soften the moustache wax

Step 2) Apply the wax to your mustache

Step 3) Use a mustache comb to run it through your mustache evenly

FireHouse Wacky Tacky Mustache Wax Customer Reviews

Overall reviews on this wax have been great, with many men mentioning that this has become their go to mustache wax.

As we mentioned earlier though, this wax can be tricky to get out of the tin, so make sure that you soften it up before application.

Important notes from customer reviews:

Longevity of wax: Most of the reviews we read noted that this wax had no issues lasting throughout the whole day.

Amount of grease: We saw mentions over and over again about the lack of greasiness (which is a good thing). Users mustaches were left looking natural and not overly shiny.

Washing Ability: Easy to wash out and remove when using proper removal procedures (warm water to rinse out the mustache).

This is a great wax at a great price. You’ll find lots of mentions around the internet, and tons of great reviews. I would not hesitate to add this to my moustache wax collection.

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