Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.05.55 PMEdwin Jagger is a very well respected company in the shaving world. They’ve managed to combine style and functionality into their safety razors. Their razors are considered some of the best ones on the market with a sleek classic look that seems to be really attractive to men. Pair their safety razors with high quality razor blades and you’re bound to get one of the smoothest shaves you’ve ever experienced!

Edwin Jagger Faux Ebony Razor Review

Made in Britain, the Edwin Jagger Faux Ebony Double Edge Safety Razor is a very popular razor. Here are some of the top features it’s known for:

  • Works with all double edge razor blades
  • Provides a very close shave
  • Great symmetry and balance due to design
  • Stylish chrome plated shaving head
  • Hand polished black acrylic (another style add)

Edwin Jagger Faux Ebony Customer Reviews

As is expected, the reviews for this razor are very high, with most men raving about the incredibly close shave that this razor provides. Some reviewers feel that the handle may be a bit long, but if you’re coming from cartridge razors that may be a good thing so that you can better adapt to shaving with a safety razor.

Benefits To Owning:

Close Shave – As we mentioned above, this razor provides and exceptionally close shave. The ease of control, mixed with the weight provides for a smooth shave with minimized nicks.

Stylish Design – Built with a sleek design (chrome and black), this is a great piece that compliments your bathroom, and is not something that you’ll be trying to hide in a cabinet.

Durability – Just about every user review we read agreed that this razor is built very well, and something they expect to utilize for years.

Bonus: This razor is designed to be taken a part (it comes in 3 parts), so cleaning and maintenanced is that much easier!

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Review

Sticking with the classic all chrome design, the DE89LB1 is built with the classic and stylish close comb head. It’s another durable razor, built with a chrome plated handle.

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Customer Reviews

I feel like I will be saying this multiple times (if I haven’t already), but users agree that this razor is built extraordinarily well. While it’s not as eye popping and style as the Faux Ebony, the classic chrome looks blends in with almost any bathroom design.

Style – Buyers of the DE89LBL like the old school chrome look it has to offer.

Durability – As with most Edwin Jagger razors, this one is extremely durable and build to last. You can expect it to last for many years to come.

Design – Built with great symmetry, it’s great for providing a close shave just by using the proper angle and applying no extra weight.

Edwin Jagger DE89bl Review

Just like it’s counterpart the DE89LBL, is an extremely well built razor. It’s designed to fit all standard DE blades, features a 3 and 3/8’ handle, and built with a simple 3 piece design.

Edwin Jagger DE89bl Customer Reviews

Overall this razor seems to have very good reviews, however the main negative that we’ve seen mentioned is that the smooth finish of the handle can be a bit slippery when shaving.

Rust Resistant – You can expect this razor to be rust resistant as long as proper care is provided. It features a brass core as well as chrome plating which is known to minimize the risk of rust.

Great Design – Another solid design, this is a high quality razor built for new and experienced wet shavers alike.

No matter which Edwin Jagger safety razor you end up going with, you’re bound to be happy. They provide a great selection of various styles and sizes, and are simply one of the top rated shaving companies on the internet.