Merkur Razor Company – Background & History

Last updated: September 14th 2016 Merkur Razor Company is one of the leaders in safety razors. In fact, if you hunt around the internet you’ll find they’re known for making some of the best safety razors.

As wet shaving slowly turns around and comes back into style, young men everywhere are crawling to the internet to look for companies that they can trust. We’re a generation of cartridge shavers, it’s all we know, so nowadays many guys don’t know what to look for at all…. So where do we default to? The leader Merkur of course!

One thing that I really love about Merkur safety razors is that they have great products for people who are new, intermediate, or experts at wet shaving, so you know they’ll have the right product for you.

Who Is Merkur Razors?

They’re a German company (and the subsidiary of DOVO Steelware) who has been making highly popular cutlery ranging from razors to scissors. They employ roughly 100 people and they have an export rate of three-quarters of their products from Germany.

Since they’ve been around for over a century, they’ve had the time to craft a traditional safety razor that absolutely blows most cartridge razors out of the water.

Another thing that I love about this company is they actually take the time to educate on their products and best practices. If you don’t know the best practices for wet shaving, they’ve got guides that teach it. If your beard hair grows in a swirl or something, they teach you how to shave it. It’s this effort that really makes companies stand out to me.

Important Notes About Merkur Safety Razors

1) Their razors are quite a bit heavier than what you’re used to if you come from a cartridge shaver (or maybe even another safety razor).
2) They come in a variety of styles and shapes. If you’re a guy with special taste, they understand and have designed to accommodate it.
3) Merkur razor blades are made of high quality stainless platinum and are affordable.

Recommended Merkur Products

Merkur 180 Long Handled RazorMerkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor

Quick Notes:
• Provides extremely close shave
• Chrome finish
• Sturdy razor
• Long handle
• Made in Germany

As we mentioned above, Merkur is extremely trusted in the shaving razor space. They’re leading the pack as this revolution comes to take shape in the shaving atmosphere!

Now onto our details about the Merkur Model 180 – it’s long handle is a semi-rarity in the wet shaving razor world, but it’s quite nice and allows you to get comfortable to wet shaving pretty easily. This handle will be similar to what cartridge shavers are used to.

Now although this is a positive for most people in transition, Merkur razors in general do receive some criticism for the fact that it is rather large and bulky compared to other wet shaving razors.

This particular model is is not know to be bulky though because it features a slender and sleek design, and is quite durable. One major thing to note about this razor is that it doesn’t pivot (which cartridge shavers will be used to). This actually helps provide a closer shave believe it or not.

Merkur Vision Adjustable Safety Razor

merkur version reviewQuick Notes
• Adjustable head
• Head scews on and off to change blades
• Provides very close shave
• Stainless steel with chrome finish

The Merkur Vision is second on our list for great razors by them. This design is known to provide more control, and the heavy design actually benefits you as a shaver.

This razor is sturdy enough that if you were to drop it, you wouldn’t expect to find any damage to it. It’s durable and built to withstand a beating, while still having a classy touch.

As always though, we like to include negative feedback that we’ve found when conducting research (just to keep our readers informed). One of the largest complaints that we sew was mention of soap build on the razor finish. People suggested soaking it in solution to remove the build up.

Merkur 34C Double Edge Razor

merkur 34c reviewQuick Notes
• Double edge safety razor
• Stainless steel

The Merkur 34C is definitely one of the more affordable in their razor lineup. You’ll find it online for around $50 in various places. Although the price is more affordable, you’ll be happy to know that the quality is not any less.

The 34C is very durable, sleek, and heavy which provides an easier shave. Just let the razor do all the work.

If you’re just starting out, this is a perfect razor for you because it’s extremely user friendly and made to minimize the risk of cuts and burns from transitioning to wet shaving. It features a shorter handle for easy movement, and better angle control which is key to a successful shave.

Now that we covered 3 great razors, I want to talk a little bit about Merkur’s razor blades.

Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades

merkur razor blades reviewQuick Notes
• Sized to fit all double edge razors
• 10 blades per package

It makes sense that Merkur would get into the razor blade market, after all they are experts in the cutlery industry. Their blade is a great balanced blade. I like to think of these as a good find blade because they aren’t always the sharpest blade and don’t always provide an out of this world shave.

You should be able to pick up a 30 pack of blades for roughly $15.00 to $19.00 dollars, with each blade lasting roughly a week or two.

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