Maggard Razors Review

Maggard_LogoAfter a freshly placed order from, I wanted to leave my review. Afterall, this is a mom and pop small business, and I absolutely love supporting these kind of businesses! Plus, if you read about the store, you’ll see it was created out of a passion for restoring old razors… how awesome is that!

My Order: Barrister & Mann Oceans Shaving Soap, Mickey Lee Soapworks – The Drunken Goat, Chiseled Face Cinnawood Boroka Aftershave (trial size).

Shopping Experience: I used their online store after seeing it suggested on Reddit/wicked_edge. I saw that they have an active account for participating there which i think is awesome. Nothing like getting to interface with an employee… and even better I saw them steer someone away from product because they didn’t think it was the right fit (shaving soap samples for a newbie). That means they’ve got a true passion for their customers and are not in it for just the money.

Anyways, I purchased their their online store, I simply went to their shaving soap section, displayed all soaps, and sorted by popularity. I went through and looked for items within my budget who had favorable reviews around the net and added them to my cart. Checkout was simple, just enter in the billing and shipping addresses, and then paid via paypal. I quickly received an order confirmation and woke up the next morning to what looks like a personalized email from Casie letting me know that they’d have it shipped today and that they would email me once it was officially shipped.

Price: Pricing was competitive with other retailers. I did not have a coupon at the time of purchase. Shipping was reasonably priced as well.

CommunicationI really appreciate the personal email from them updating me on my shipping situation. Super awesome, and because of that and promptly receiving my order confirmation, I am rating this section good!

Shipping: I ordered yesterday evening after hours and received an email at around 6:30am this morning saying it was shipping today. I haven’t received a tracking number yet (it’s only ~9 am), but I will update if I receive it by end of day.

So far I am very excited to purchase from them and use the products I purchased!

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