How To Dye Your Beard With Just For Men Beard & Mustache (The Complete Guide)

Howdy beard lovers! I see tons of questions around Reddit and various forums asking if it’s safe to dye your beard and mustache, as well as how to actually do it. I myself have a beard that is a mix of blonde/red/brown, so I will be using Just For Men Beard dye (or more exactly Just For Men Beard & Mustache Medium Brown dye) today to try and even out my beard color. I have no clue how well this will go, but I’m going to walk you through the process as I do it for the very first time.

Before you actually dye your beard, Just For Men recommends that you do an allergy test. I will be doing this below (with pictures), because I definitely don’t want to have an allergic reaction on my skin or worse a severe allergic reaction and potentially die. I highly recommend you complete the allergy test before you dye your beard as well… no matter how tempting it may be to rush out and apply the dye same day.

Contents Of Just For Men Beard & Mustache Dye Kit

just for men mustache & beard dye review

  • Instruction manual
  • “Color Developer” tube
  • “Color Base” tube
  • Disposable gloves
  • Mixing Tray
  • 2 end mixing brush (bristle end for application, plastic end for mixing)

 Mustache & Beard Dye Allergy Symptoms

As I mentioned before, Just For Men recommends this to make sure that you are not allergic to the hair dye. In some cases allergies can be severe, so always test to make sure. Symptoms you want to watch for include itching, burning, redness, swelling, skin abrasions, eruptions or irritations. If you do happen to have any of these reactions during your skin test remove the dye immediately and call your doctor.

Just For Men suggests to do these allergy tests every time you use the product because for some users frequent use of hair coloring products can increase the risk of allergic reactions.

How To Conduct A Mustache & Beard Dye Allergy Test

Step 1) Wash Your Test Area

Just For Men recommends that you utilize the inside bend of your elbow for allergy testing. In this step you should wash your testing area with a mild soap and water. Your testing area should be about the size of a coin, make sure to pat dry after washing.

Step 2) Mix Beard & Mustache Dye Together

just for men mustache & beard allergy test

In this step you will unscrew the caps for the “Color Developer” and the “Color Base” tubs. Mix small and equal parts of the “Color Developer” and the “Color Base” in the included mixing tray with the plastic end of the application brush.

Make sure to tightly cap both tubes for later usage.

Step 3) Apply Dye To Testing Area


Alright, now you will need a cotton swap or Q-Tip to apply your mixture from step 2 to your testing area. Remember your application area should be about the size of a coin.

Step 4) Wait 48 Hours After Application To Monitor Allergy Symptoms

Now you need to allow your testing area to dry. Make sure you do not wash or cover the testing area for 48 hours. Examine the test area over the 48 hours for signs of allergy symptoms. If you have no reaction after 48 hours Just For Men claims you are safe to move forward with full application of the dye.

If you do have a reaction, make sure to remove the dye immediately and seek medical attention immediately.

Important Safety Notes From Just For Men Beard

1) Temporary black henna tattoos may increase your risk of allergy.

2) Before test application make sure that your testing site is free of irritations, cuts, scratches, or other unusual conditions.

3) Do not use for two weeks after using a skin bleach, lightener, or depilatory product.

4) Do not use this product at all if you have skin depigmentation problems such as white patches on your skin (Vitiligo) or if you have a family history of skin depigmentation problems. An allergic reaction may cause temporary or permanent loss of skin pigment.

5) Do not use on eyebrows or eyelashes, doing so may cause blindness.

How To Apply Mustache & Beard Dye To Facial Hair

Step 1) Open each tube and create a line on opposite sides of the dye tray.

Step 2) Use plastic tip of brush to mix both lines together. Mix until all liquids are combined.

Step 3) Apply vaseline around beard outline to prevent from getting dye on bare skin.

Step 4) Dip bristle tip of brush into dye and begin applying onto your beard.

Step 5) Enable stopwatch or timer for 5 minutes once you’ve fully applied dye around your beard. I would advise you to not wait over 5 minutes as people have reported the dye making their beard almost black (that’s why I freaked out a bit and went under 5 minutes).

Step 6) Rinse out beard dye. Make sure you’ve rinsed it completely out so that no residue is left.

Note: I saw how dark the dye was on my beard and freaked out that my beard was turning black. I washed it out and found my beard to not be near as dark as what it had appeared with the dye. I hadn’t read of others commenting on this before, but keep it in mind when you dye your beard. I know I will once I redo my dye.

Just For Men Beard & Mustache Dye Before and After Pictures

I’ve added my before and after pictures below so that you can see the progress on the dye. I apologize for the different lighting on some photos, I think it was an issue with my camera. I do not believe these photos do justice as to the darkening of my beard.

One thing I did notice with this first round of using beard dye is that some of my vellus and clear/white hairs did not dye. I’m not sure if this is due to me not applying enough dye or what, but I’ll update on my next round of dying.






Just For Men Beard & Mustache FAQ’s

Q: Is it really necessary to do the skin allergy testing before each application?

A: Absolutely. Allow 48 hours of testing before you begin actual usage.

Q: Is it really necessary to rinse and shampoo after application?

A: Yes, definitely. Your skin may become irritated if you don’t rinse off the dye. Also, the longer you leave the dye on the darker your hair will get… I’m guessing you don’t want a jet black beard.

Q: When should I apply the mustache and beard dye?

A: Anytime of day as long as you have enough time to do the proper setup, application, and rinse.

Q: Do I need a special shampoo to rinse out the dye?

A: You can use any mild shampoo. Don’t use any bar soap.

Q: How many applications do I get per package?

A: Just For Men says that typically you can expect 3 dyes per package, but sometimes up to 4-5 if it’s for small areas.

Q: How do sun and/or swimming affect my usage of the dye?

A: Strong sunlight or chlorine used in pools can affect any hair coloring. It’s best to avoid them as much as possible.

Q: Who Should Use Mustache & Beard Dye?

A: Anyone who is over 18 years old, passes the allergy test, and wants to color their mustache or beard a certain color.

Q: How Often Do I Need To Reapply The Dye?

A: This totally depends on the speed of your beard or mustache growth. I haven’t done my second dye yet so I cannot comment on the time span.

Q: How Much Does Just For Men Beard & Mustache Dye Cost?

A: I believe mine was between $6 – $9 USD

Q: Where Can I Buy Just For Men Beard & Mustache Dye?

A: You can purchase it at CVS, Walgreens, likely any major grocery chain that also carries personal care products, or my favorite

Q: Does dye work good on blonde, white, and vellus hair?

A: I noticed that most of my white hairs were dyed successfully, however some did not change color. This is likely more due to my application and user error rather than they dye itself (reading around the internet shows that most people get these hairs to dye fine).

Q: Does dye work good on red hair?

A: I have a mixed red, blonde, brown haired beard so I was testing it out to gain a solid color. I have read about red undertones showing through on brown box dyes (my wife informed me of this), but the Just For Men Mustache & Beard medium brown appears to have done a pretty decent job of covering up my red hair. You can still see some red hair, but it’s minimal to the point that I would consider this satisfactory.

Have you used mustache or beard dye successfully or unsuccessfully? I’d love to hear your experience and or questions/comments below in the comments section! Leave me some love!

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