How To Trim A Beard – Step By Step Guide

dreamstime_l_15528381Last updated: September 14th 2016 Untamed beards look nasty, so today we’re going to be covering how to trim a beard. This is an extremely common question, and honestly it’s one that you should be asking if you aren’t.

A trimmed and tamed beard is what ladies like, and I know many guys including myself find issues with our wives or girlfriends accepting our beards or any facial hair at all.

Trimming your beard is actually relatively simple, and definitely something you can do yourself with a decent electric shaver and a couple other items. It’s one of the core foundations to maintaining your beard.

Beard Trimming Item Checklist

  • Beard trimmer
  • Beard Brush or comb
  • Beard oil or balm

Alright, now that we’ve made sure you have the necessary items for a successful trim, let’s dive into the process!

Step by Step Breakdown for Trimming Your Beard

Step 1) Decide which beard style you’d like to achieve

Different beard styles require different kinds of tapers and trimming, so knowing what kind of style you want is key to providing the right shape. Have a certain famous person or don’t know what beard style you want? Check out our list of cool beard styles.

Step 2) Shave As You Normally Would With Your Beard

What we mean in this step is, clean up the areas that you typically would. In my case, it’s my cheeks, because I keep my beard along my lower cheek, so my upper cheeks are always smooth.

Step 3) Dampen your beard

Now that you’ve picked your beard shape and cleaned it up, it’s time to dampen your beard. Don’t soak it, just get it lightly wet so that it’s easier to mold and shape.

Remember, with a wet beard your hair is heavier which means it tends to look longer than when it is dry. Keep this in mind for the following steps.

Step 4) Comb your hair out

This step is important because it makes sure you provide an even trim. Keep in mind if you are using longer hair to cover up patchiness as you may want to avoid this step if that is the case.

Step 5) Start with your Cheeks

Keeping your desired style in mind, begin my trimming your cheek and sideburn area. This is where you can start the taper if you desire. Make sure to do test patches so that you know what attachment size results in what length of hair.

Step 6) Move to your jawline

The jawline is a key element for giving beads shape. Do you want a beard that tapers from short to long at the chin? You need to make sure you have an even trim here, so make sure to take your time and be precise.

Step 7) Rinse your beard and apply beard oil or balm

Alright, now you’re done with your trim. Rinse it off to make sure you get out any stray hairs that may cause irritation in the future. Next, apply your beard oil or balm to help shape your beard (and assist in proper beard care).

Alright, so if you’re this far you’ve successfully completed the process. If this was your first time doing a full beard trimming or shaping, I hope you realize that it’s not near as scary as it seems. After all, it’s hair… so it grows back if you do mess up. Enjoy and keep on bearding on!

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