How To Fix A Patchy Beard

Last updated: September 14th 2016 Are you one of those guys who dream of having a manly beard? Having one would instantly give you that masculine look. Not only will this boost a man’s self-esteem, he would also look more attractive to most women. Yes, every guy would want to look good to the ladies!

Why Ladies Find Beards Attractive

A study was conducted three years ago where women were asked what they thought about bearded men and men with no facial hair. Apparently, women have a tendency to judge men based on the length (or absence) of facial hair.

Here are reasons why ladies find beards attractive:

  • Masculine and mature look
  • Uniqueness
  • Sex appeal
  • Badass look
  • It feels good

The study resulted in a conclusion that bearded men attracted more women than clean shaved men. I bet you’d want to grow a beard now but that’s easier said than done. Don’t worry, we’ll help you achieve the beard that you want!

Why You Have A Patchy Beard

 Are you having trouble growing a beard? Most men that try to grow one are stuck with a patchy (and unattractive) beard and this facial hair would surely not attract women. The following are factors that cause a patchy beard:

Lack of testosterone – Testosterone largely contributes to the growth of facial hair.

Genetic makeup – Sometimes it’s in your blood. Check if most of the men in your family have the same problem that you are facing.

Age – Some hairs would only reach its full potential at a certain age (usually around 20 years old).

Itchiness – Scratching a part of your beard may hinder that spot to grow hair naturally.

Lack of nutrients required for hair growth – If you have a poor diet, hair growth would be difficult since protein and certain vitamins are required to produce hair.

Stress and lack of sleep – Stress and lack of sleep would slow down the growth process of your facial hair. Your body would not function correctly without proper care.

How To Fix A Patchy Beard

The good news is that you can still fix your patchy beard! Don’t lose hope that you’d ever achieve the beard that you have always dreamed of. Of course, you would need to change a lot in your lifestyle but the results would be rewarding.

  1. Be patient

Some hairs would grow slower than others. Give it at least four weeks to grow and resist the urge to shave your beard at this stage.

  1. Groom your patchy beard

Myth: Shaving your facial hair would make it grow faster and thicker.

False. Shaving your facial hair does speed up the growth of your beard. You have to wait for your facial hair to grow at least 1 cm then trim it with the best beard trimmer you can find for an even and healthy growth.

  1. Apply beard oil

Beard oil reduces itchiness and may speed up hair growth. Also, your skin gets moisturized as you use this product. This is a must for those who want a perfect beard.

  1. Use a good beard shampoo

Cleaning your beard should only be done with a good beard shampoo. Only quality products would speed up hair growth rather than slow it down.

  1. Consume a high-protein diet

Protein intake should also be increased. Hair is composed of proteins, so it makes sense that having a high-protein diet would allow better growth. You can get loads of protein by adding fish, eggs, chicken and beans to your diet.

  1. Take vitamin supplements and Biotin

Taking supplements containing vitamins C, E and B6 may also contribute in hair growth. Along with these vitamins, you should also take Biotin. Biotin prevents hair fall and that is why we suggest that you take this supplement regularly.

  1. Manage Stress 

Scientists have discovered that stress and lack of sleep can slow down biological processes, such as hair growth. Make sure to always get a good night’s sleep and to manage your stress. Try exercising, doing yoga or activities that can relax you to reduce your stress levels.

However, there is no guarantee that all these methods would work for you because the number one factor that contributes to you growing a beard is your genetic makeup.

When All Else Fails…

Try doing a beard transplant

 Some men cannot grow a beard no matter how hard they try. So, it’s either you stop trying or do a beard transplant. A beard transplant is a quick solution to your problem of growing a beard.

A hair transplant specialist can help by transplanting hair follicles from the back of your head right into your face. With this process, you would surely grow a full beard no matter how bad your genetic makeup is. The transplant doesn’t leave any scars and would heal in a rapid pace. But…

A beard transplant isn’t for everyone. Well, mainly because it is quite costly. Unless you can afford spending thousands of dollars on a beard transplant, then this would definitely work for you.

 Use Minoxidil On Your Beard

We’ve covered using minoxidil on your beard before, and this is definitely not an option you want to pursue without speaking to your doctor first. Minoxidil is not FDA approved for facial hair growth at this time, and Rogaine (the first company to market Minoxidil does not recommend doing so).

How To Maintain Your Patchy Beard 

After you have grown that perfect (or almost perfect) beard, the next step is to maintain that beard. The best way to maintain a beard is to get a beard trimmer. This is very essential in beard grooming. You would need to groom it every week and make sure that you would not look like a lazy bum who does not groom his beard.

Finding the right style for your beard would make you look more awesome. There are styles that fit different face shapes and you should look for the right style that suits you. If you are having a hard time, try growing out a full beard first and gradually trim it using your beard trimmer. This way, you would be able to slowly test if a style would look good on you.

Lastly, you would want to clean your beard regularly. Make sure to use shampoo and conditioner to effectively clean your facial hair. Remember to moisturize your face and manage your facial hair using beard oil. We hope that we were able to help you solve your patchy beard problem!


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