How To Choose Your Shaving Mug

Last updated: September 14th 2016 Trying to figure out which shaving bowl or shaving mug you should go with? You’ve probably read other places saying bowl XYZ is the best shaving bowl and read differently somewhere else. Well, in an attempt to educate you, we’re going to explain what exactly you should be looking for.

Basics Necessities of a shaving bowl

  • Make sure the bowl is deep enough to hold a lather
  • Wide enough to fit in shave soap

You also need to take into account your existing wet shaving equipment. Is your brush or shaving soap pretty large? If so, then you’ll likely need a bigger bowl.

You’ll find around that many people just use coffee mugs as their shaving mug of choice, however that can be a bad idea because of how tall they are. Let’s just say your significant other or girlfriend won’t be happy when she hears all that banging around or clinking.

Now we’re to the review part where we talk about what we believe to be some of the best shaving mugs for our readers.

Colonel Conk Model 111 Santa Fe Shave Cup

71m7WsD5MfL._SL1366_This is hand crafted in New Mexico, and what’s really cool is that each cup is made from scratch which results in each one having a slightly unique vibe.

The Colonel Conk shave bowl is super stylish and has a great shllow and wide base for holding shave soap. One word of caution is that it is made of ceramic which means it could potentially shatter.

Edwin Jagger RN6 Contemporary Chrome Plated Shaving Soap Bowl

61f3O17-JIL._SX522_This shaving bowl is perfect for hard shaving soaps. Edwin Jagger is a very successful brand when it comes to shaving equipment, and this bowl will knock anyone’s socks off who steps into your bathroom. However, as the downside to this bowl is that it is a bit small and can make trouble if you’ve got a larger shaving brush.

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