Hot Lather Machines – Luxury At It’s Finest

Last updated: February 6th 2017 What’s up guys, today’s topic is going to be hot shaving cream dispensers also known as hot lather machines. Are you a fan? Have you ever used one? They’re definitely a luxury item and not a necessity, but man do they help you produce a great shave!

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Conair HLM11Ch

Scalpmaster Hot
Lather Machine

Conair Hot Shaving
Cream Dispenser

However, if you’re interested in learning more about them… stay tuned.

Hot shaving cream is very capable of providing a better shave due to the fact that the hot lather softens your beard hairs and stubble, which naturally results in a smoother and softer shave. Not to mention, how shaving cream is very therapeutic when applied.

Hot Shaving Cream Dispensers vs Hot Lather Machines 

While you’re doing your research around the net, you might see different names mentioned. A heated shaving cream dispenser typically refers to an at home machine for personal usage, where as a hot lather machine typically is what is utilized in barber shops. We’ve reviewed both below, so scroll down if you want to read our reviews.

A Conair hot lather machine is likely the way to go for you, so you can check them out here.

Conair HLM11Ch Chrome Hot Lather Machine

This Conair hot shaving cream dispenser is very stylish looking. The looks definitely stand out compared to most of its competitors; it’s a very nice addition to any bathroom while keeping things functional. It’s also quite compact, so you won’t be forced to reorganize your bathroom just to store it.

Scalpmaster Hot Lather Machine

This professional unit is a Great product for instances where multiple people will be using it. The Scalpmaster machine has the ability for multiple temperature settings, but is a bit on the expensive side.

Conair Hot Shaving Cream Dispenser

Conair’s basic and simply designed dispenser serves one purpose. This is a cheaper unit, so if you’re wanting to try it out you won’t be blowing your budget. One feature I particularly like about this unit is that it has a red notification LED so that you know when the foam or gel is ready for use.

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