Top 15 Ways To Stimulate Beard Growth: The Definitive Guide

 Beard growth

If you are looking to start to promote your beard growth or maybe have tried in the past to grow a beard but you were not very happy with the results, it might be because you didn’t have all of the information that you needed to have in order to grow the facial hair that you would have been happy with.

If only it was as simple as stopping shaving for months and months in order to let your facial hair grow until it reached the desired length and thickness. However, the truth is, if you were to do that you would more than likely be extremely unhappy with the results and then reach for the scissors and razor to cut it all off.

One of the reasons it is not that simple to grow a good looking beard is that many people wrongly assume that the facial hair is exactly the same hair that grows out of the top of their head. The truth is, there is quite a bit of difference between the facial hair and all of the other areas you grow hair on your body.

Once you realize that you are in it for the long haul and are prepared to do a whole lot of work on a daily basis, the results will more than likely be a beard that you can be very proud of. Fortunately for you, there is a whole lot of information on the subject of facial hair growth and many, many products out there that are designed to help make it easier for you.

In this article, we put together a lot of information and cover many different topics including:

Ways to accelerate your beard growth 

Do’s  and Don’ts of growing a beard

Beard Grooming Kits

All of the information that we have put together in this article has been thoroughly researched for accuracy, however, you should always be sure that you do your own research in order to be sure that you make the right decisions for your body.

Top 15 ways to stimulate beard growth

As part of our preparation for this article, we did plenty of research on the subject in order to come up with what we believe are the top ways that anyone can use in order to help grow a beard faster. Some of them may seem like common sense, but some of them are things that we ourselves were a bit shocked about.

Below is the list of the Top 10 ways to stimulate beard growth:

1# Minoxidil 5% Hair Growth CreamMinoxidil is a medicated cream that has been approved for the medical treatment of a condition called androgenic alopecia. It has been around for decades and has been shown to be very effective for people who have had trouble regrowing hair. Today, it is sold in a generic topical cream and also over the counter under a very wide range of brand names.

#2 Use Eucalyptus Cream – There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that shows that Eucalyptus Oil can help stimulate the hair follicle which is necessary to promote the growth of hair. There are a number of all natural moisturizing creams on the market that have Eucalyptus as a primary ingredient. Using this type of cream on a regular basis has been shown to be extremely successful for beard growth.

#3 Exfoliate the skin on your face – Layers of dead skin on your face can make it difficult for the hair follicles in your face to function properly and it can inhibit its growth. To help alleviate this condition it is highly recommended that you should regularly exfoliate your skin with a good cleanser to remove as much of this dead skin. There are many different products that you can use that will make it easier to exfoliate your skin.


Rest, beard growth

#4 Get the right amount of rest – The body has to have the right amount of sleep in order for it to operate optimally. It is was discovered not that long ago that the condition of the skin directly reflects the condition of the body inside. The body has to get enough sleep or it will begin to affect the condition of the cells in the skin. They say the body needs 8 good hours of sleep and it is highly recommended to get at least that much to promote beard growth. According to a study conducted from 2003-2009 shows that a lack of sleep can reduce a man’s testosterone by about 15% (

#5 Eliminate any ingrown hairs – Ingrown hair follicles can inhibit the growth of a beard and make it extremely difficult to have a good looking beard. This is why it is very important for you to control and eliminate any ingrown hairs that appear on your face. There are a number of different products available that can help you rid your body of any of these ingrown hairs if you ever come across them.

#6 Take vitamin supplements like Biotin – Vitamins are essential for the body to be able to perform most of all of its vital functions. Even though the body is able to produce much of the vitamins that it needs, when there is a deficiency of certain vitamins, the body can start breaking down. One of the more important groups of vitamins is the B-Complex family of vitamins and Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, has a powerful effect on the metabolism of carbohydrates, energy product, fatty acid production and hair growth. Taking a supplement containing 2.5 mg of biotin every day could help promote facial hair growth.

Reduce stress, beard growth

#7 Reduce the overall amount of stress – It is believed by many health care experts and providers that stress has a very negative effect on the body and excessive amounts of stress can cause hair to fall out or slow the growth of hair on the body. So in order to help prevent or reduce the negative effects of stress on your body and promote beard growth you should do things to reduce the amount of stress you subject your body too.

#8 Changes to your diet – Your diet has more to do with how well your body functions than meets the eye and certain nutrients have a definite positive effect on hair growth. This is definitely true for facial hair, it is believed that consuming extra amounts of protein has an effect on the growth of facial hair. You can get protein from a number of sources like nuts, red meat, fish and also eggs.

#9 Don’t overly trim your beard – Many people mistakenly believe that frequently trimming their beard will help encourage it to grow. Unfortunately, this will have the opposite effect and will actually do more harm than good. Therefore, you should only trim it after it has gotten to the nearly full length that you are looking for your beard to be before you think about trimming or shaping it.

#10 Massaging the face – The proper amount of blood flow to the skin and hair follicle is necessary to stimulate the growth of hair. Massaging the body is one of the best ways to improve blood circulation throughout the body. So you should consider a facial massage on a regular basis in order to help encourage beard growth.

#11 Washing your skin with warm water – The health of your skin and hair follicles have a lot to do with your bodies ability to grow facial hair and if you are trying to grow a beard it is very important that you keep your skin as healthy as possible. It is highly recommended that you use a mild soap and warm water to cleanse your skin on a regular basis to keep it clean.

Vitamins beard growth

#12 Take vitamin and mineral supplements – There are a number of different vitamin deficiencies that can cause a man to have a difficult time growing facial hair. If you think your trouble growing a beard could be caused by not having enough vitamins and minerals you should consider taking a supplement that specifically has vitamin A, B, C and E in it. Each one of these vitamins has been shown to promote the growth of hair.

#13 Use a hydrocortisone cream – One of the biggest reasons why many men don’t care for growing a beard very long is that it causes their skin to become extremely itchy and uncomfortable. It is often recommended that if you are trying to grow a beard and you experience the discomfort of excessively itchy skin you should consider using an over the counter anti-itching cream with hydrocortisone.

#14 The “Four Week” Rule – It may seem surprising, but a lot of people who try to grow a beard expect the process to be quick, with them growing a nice bushy beard in the matter of a week. The fact of the matter is, however, that this is too soon to really see if your beard will grow properly, and a lot of people will get frustrated and give up on growing their beard too soon. By rule of thumb, waiting four weeks for your beard to grow is ideal. This gives you more than enough time for your facial hair to grow out properly, and you will be able to tell better exactly how thick your beard can grow. If after this time you notice that your facial hair is still on the relatively thin side, then you may need to try one of the following things to see if they will help you out.

#15 Other Options – If all else fails, there are a few other options available to you. If you wish, it is possible to get facial hair transplants and hormone therapy to help you to grow your facial hair. However, these options may be considered extreme to some and in the case of hormone therapy can even lead to some serious side effects. A much safer route is to buy some beard supplements, which help to grow a nice beard when all else fails.

Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to growing a beard

There is so much information circulating regarding beard growth and grooming and while most of it is really good advice, there is something that you would be better off staying away from. Some of the things may seem like like common sense, but other things that you should actually stay away from might not seem so obvious. We put together a couple of lists of five of the things you should be doing (Do’s) and also included a list of the five things that you should definitely stay away from (Don’t). Hopefully, you are already avoiding the things that we have on the list of things not to be doing.

List of 7 things should be done when growing facial hair

#1 Use some kind of hair conditioner daily – Much like the hair on your head you need to keep your beard moisturized. By using a good quality beard oil or balm and massaging it in on a daily basis will help to maintain your beards appearance. Daily grooming is the key to the best possible results.


#2 Pay close attention to your beard – You always want your beard to look good and if you don’t pay attention to the way it looks you are definitely going get looks from the people around you that you are not wanting. An unkempt beard will definitely not go unnoticed by everyone around you.


Beard styles

#3 Choose a beard style that fits your face – When it comes to selecting the right style of beard for you be sure that it fits with your face. Not every man can pull off the look of just any type of beard and it is very important that you select the right style for your face. Don’t be afraid to ask the people around you for advice on what looks best.

#4 Keep it brushed – This is especially true in the style of beard you choose is longer in length. Nothing looks worse than an unkempt beard that is never brushed and not groomed properly. Just like the hair that is on the top of your head, you want to keep your beard brushed.

#5 Trim it occasionally – From time to time, it is necessary to trim your beard to keep it looking nice. However, don’t overdo it and trim it on a daily basis. This is definitely not a good idea and shouldn’t be done until you reach the full size and thickness that you are wanting it to be.

#6 Take additional vitamins – There are a number of vitamins that when taken while you are trying to grow a beard will help to promote hair growth. The vitamin b complex, especially B1, B6, B7 (biotin), E and the mineral zinc all have been proven to be extremely helpful in growing facial hair. You should also add citrus flavonoids because they can help to improve beard growth.

water beard growth

#7 Pay closer attention to your diet and water intake – While eating more healthy is always a good idea, but it is that much more important for you to keep an eye on your diet and the amount of water you drink. If you don’t stay properly hydrated your skin is one of the areas that will be affected the most and this will definitely compromise your ability to grow facial hair.

6 Things to definitely avoid when growing a beard

#1 Never shampoo every day – To avoid overly drying out your beard hair you should not be using any type of shampoo on a daily basis. This is also true for the hair on the top of your head, using too much shampoo, even the most gentle shampoo can excessively dry out your hair if used too often.

Beard growth

#2 Don’t pull or play with your beard – Excessive tugging or playing with your beard is not a good idea since it can cause breaking. If done too frequently and in the exact same area too often there is a strong possibility that you could create bald patches to form that might be difficult to regrow hair and will not look to good.

#3 Never neglect your beard – Don’t be one of those guys who are afraid of grooming your beard regularly. Nothing could be worse than neglecting your beard and having it looking terrible. Always remember to treat your beard with the same amount of care that you do with the hair on the top of your head.

#4 Improperly trim your neckline – Nothing truly looks worse than an improperly trimmed neckline, especially where in the area around your beard. This can lead to an excessive separation of your beard and your hairline that could look very funny.

#5 Don’t leave food debris in your beard – Unfortunately, getting food stuck in your beard is a fact of life and if you aren’t careful and wash it out on a regular basis you could end up with an unsightly accumulation of food particles lodged in your bears. This can lead to a number of bad things including foul odors and other unhealthy things.

#6 Leave the hair accessories for the hair on your head – While you might be tempted to dress up your beard by putting decorative bands or even put some kind of beads in fancy patterns in order to dress it up. Either of these things can hinder beard growth and they should definitely be avoided at all costs.


Putting together a good Beard Grooming Kit

Having the right beard care products is extremely important and will help you maintain your beard. There are a number of really high-quality beard grooming kits available on the market and one of them would be sufficient, but if you prefer to put together your own, we put together a list of things that you should have in your Beard Grooming Kit. There are a number of all natural options available for you to choose from when it comes to selecting the balm, soap, oil, and shampoos for your beard kit.

Recommended Items to have in your Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Balm – According to everything we have read the experts say that a good beard balm is a must have a thing and should be used on a daily basis. There are a number of beard balms on the market. You should find the one that works best for you. You can choose commercially produce brands, one with only natural ingredients and homemade preparations.

Quality Beard Comb – No grooming kit would be complete without it having a good beard comb. There are a number of different types of combs that you can buy and you should try some out and see which one delivers the best overall results for you.

Beard Oil – Beard oil has a number of benefits to the user and like the beard balm, it should be used on a regular basis. It is thought to be very beneficial to the skin of the face as a moisturizer. This is definitely good as it will have a positive effect on how your beard grows if your skin is happy.

Moisturizing Shampoo – Using only a moisturizing shampoo when washing your beard will help to keep it feeling and looking good at the same time. There are a number of different shampoos that are made especially for beards. You can easily find either commercially made shampoos or natural preparations can be made at home using recipes available online.

Sharp scissors or trimmer – Every beard grooming kit should include either a good, sharp pair of scissors and or an electric trimmer set. If all you have is scissors to trim your beard that is not necessarily a bad thing. However, if you have an electric trimmer set you would probably be much better off. The scissors can be used for most simple trimming needs, but if the beard you have is shorter and more manicured, you probably would want to have a good electric trimmer set.

Final Recommendations for growing a beard quickly

When it comes to growing a beard or any type of facial hair for that matter, it is a very personal thing and it has to be what is right for you. As we have mentioned in above there are many different methods that have shown to be helpful in growing facial hair faster. One or more of them may work for you or none of them could work, but we hope that the information that we have provided will give you what you need to be able to make a good decision for yourself.

During our research for this article, we came across a whole lot of information regarding things that can sabotage even the best plan that you have started and the results turned bad even before you got too far. You see, your beard is constantly growing just like the hair on top of your head. However, that is where the similarities end, there far more differences between facial hair and the hair type that is growing on the top of your head.

We have included a good number of things that will help you be able to grow your beard as long, thick and full as you want it to be and most of the things are extremely easy to do. We also thought it would be a good idea to include an equal number of things that we found that people say caused them not to be able to grow their facial hair successfully.

So, with all that said, you are far better off figuring out which of the methods or combination of methods for facial hair growth are right for you and your body. Once you are able to find what works best for you, then you have to stick to it and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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