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Chances are that you’re on the site because you’re interested in the “craft” of bearding. You’re not some guy who has a sloppy unmaintained beard, but instead someone who understands that a beard is a work of art and takes time and care to maintain.

One thing I’ve learned about people who are interested in the “craft” side of things is that eventually want to branch on their own and become a maker. What is a maker? Simply put, a maker is a DIY person… someone who gets a thrill out of starting with an idea and being able to output a final product.

I’m the same way, so that’s why today I’m going to be covering how to create homemade beard oil. This isn’t an overly complex beard oil recipe, but it gets the job done. Eventually you’ll be able to mix and match ingredients and scents to create your own 100% unique beard oil… that’s when things get fun.

DIY Beard Oil Ingredients & Supplies

In order to make beard oil, there’s a couple key item that you need:

1) Essential Oil

2) Carrier Oil

3) Bottles to store your creation (I recommend 1 ounce bottles)

4) Measuring cup

When you start shopping for your ingredients you’ll notice right away that essential oils and carrier oils aren’t cheap. However, recognize that you’ll be able to make many bottles of beard oil with a single bottle of essential and carrier oil. This makes it relatively cheap over the long haul, but a bit costly upfront.

List of Essential Oils For Beard Oil

Allspice Oil
Angelica Oil
Anise Oil
Basil Oil
Benzoin Oil
Bergamot Oil
Birch Oil
Bitter almond Oil
Black pepper Oil
Boldo Oil
Buchu Oil
Cajuput Oil
Calamus Oil
Camomile Oil
Camphor Oil
Caraway Oil
Cardamom Oil
Carrot seed Oil
Cassia Oil
Catnip Oil
Cedarwood Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Citronella Oil
Clary Sage Oil
Clove Oil
Coriander Oil
Cumin Oil
Cypress Oil
Davana Oil
Dill Oil
Elemi Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Fennel Oil
Frankincense Oil
Galbanum Oil
Geranium Oil
Ginger Oil
Grapefruit Oil
Helicrysum Oil
Hyssop Oil
Jasmine Oil
Juniper Oil
Lavandin Oil
Lavender Oil
Lemon Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Lime Oil
Mandarin Oil
Manuka Oil
Marjoram Oil
Melissa Oil
Mugwort Oil
Mullein Oil
Mustard Oil
Myrrh Oil
Myrtle Oil
Neroli Oil
Niaouli Oil
Nutmeg Oil
Oakmoss Oil
Orange Oil
Oregano Oil
Palma Rosa Oil
Parsley Oil
Patchouli Oil
Pennyroyal Oil
Peppermint Oil
Petitgrain Oil
Pimento Oil
Pine Oil
Ravensara Oil
Rose Oil
Rosemary Oil
Rosewood Oil
Rue Oil
Sage Oil
Sandalwood Oil
Spearmint Oil
Spikenard Oil
Tagetes Oil
Tangerine Oil
Tansy Oil
Tarragon Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Thuja Oil
Thyme Oil
Tuberose Oil
Vanilla Oil
Vetiver Oil
Wintergreen Oil
Wormwood Oil
Yarrow Oil

List of Carrier Oils For Beard Oil

Amla Oil
Strengthen and conditions hair

Almond Oil
Contains minerals and vitamins and it’s ideal for skin prone to eczema, sensitive and dry

Aloe Vera Oil
Good for sensitive and dry skin

Avocado Oil
Contains Vitamin E and lecithin with anti-bacterial properties

Apricot Kernel
Good for sensitive and dry skin, absorbed easily

Argan Oil
Contains Vitamin E and antioxidants. Great for skin prone to eczema, sensitive and dry

Black Raspberry Seed Oil
Contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids and Vitamin E

Babbasu Oil
High concentration in essential fatty acids

Baobab Oil
Absorbed quickly and conditions

Black Seed Oil
Contains essential fatty acids and great for skin prone to eczema, and dry

Blueberry Seed Oil
Great for conditioning, not greasy, gentle aroma

Borage Oil
Contains Gamma linoleic acid and vitamins, Good for skin prone to eczema

Brahmi Oil
Great for hair care treatment for itchy scalp

Brazil Nut Oil
Contains selenium. Great for lubrication and conditioning

Broccoli Seed Oil
Great for conditioning

Camellia Oil
Contains oleic and has conditioning properties

Castor Oil
Offers great lubrication

Cherry Kernel Oil
Contains fatty acids, great for conditioning

Coconut Oil
Great scent with conditioning and protective properties

Cranberry Seed Oil
Contains essential fatty acids and Vitamin E with great emollient and conditioning properties

Evening Primrose Oil
Contains gamma linolenic acid and vitamins. Great for dry hair and skin prone to eczema

Grapeseed Oil
Contains Vitamins and minerals and reduces pore inflammation

Hazelnut Oil
Contains: Vitamins, and minerals and it’s absorbed quickly

Hemp Seed Oil
Contains Vit A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D & E and Increases natural moisture retention

Jojoba Oil
Contains protein and minerals, controls acne and its anti oxidant

Karanja Oil
Contains triglycerides and it’s antiseptic

Kiwi Seed Oil
Contains Essential Fatty Acid and Alpha Linolenic Acid. Helps hair maintain moisture

Kukui Nut Oil
Contains linoleic and oleic acids with great penetration in the skin

Macadamia Nut Oil
Contains palmitoleic acid and it’s good emollient

Mango Oil
Revitalizes and conditions

Marula Oil
Contains oleic acid and anti-oxidants and is absorbed quickly

Meadowfoam Oil
Contains fatty acids and helps to prevent moisture loss. Good for conditioning

Olive Oil
Contains vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids. Conditioning and softening. Absorbed easily

Papaya Seed Oil
Contains essential fatty acids and is good for conditioning

Passion Fruit Oil (aka Maracuja)
Contains Vitamin A and potassium. Anti-itching and anti-inflammatory

Pecan Nut Oil
Contains oleic acids and good for Conditioning with emollient properties

Perilla Oil
Contains Omega 3 fatty acids and it’s great for inflammation and itchiness

Pistachio Nut Oil
Contains phytosterols and it’s a natural emollient

Pomegranate Seed Oil
Contains fiber and conditions, nourishing the pH balance of skin

Poppy Seed Oil
Contains linoleic acids, minerals and proteins and smooths and conditions the cuticle of the hair

Pumpkin Seed Oil
Contains zinc, vitamin E, vitamin A, essential fatty acids with emollient properties

Red Raspberry Seed Oil
Contains linoleic acid and oleic acids and it’s great anti-inflammatory

Rice Bran Oil
Contains fatty acids and it’s great for conditioning and softening

Safflower Oil
Contains linoleic and conditions the skin

Sesame Oil
Contains vitamins and minerals, lecithin, linoleic and alpha linoleic acids

Shea Oil
It’s anti-inflammatory and it’s good for dry skin, prone to eczema

Soybean Oil
Contains Vitamin E and lecithin and it’s easily absorbed

Sunflower Oil
Contains Vitamins A, D, E, lecithin and it’s great emollient

Tamanu Oil
Contains essential fatty acids. Good for softening and reconditioning

Walnut Oil
Great emollient and it’s ideal for dry skin

Watermelon Seed Oil
Contains essential fatty acids with emollient properties

How To Make Beard Oil

After you’ve picked your essential and carrier oils it’s time to actually begin making your awesome oil. The next step is to simply mix your selected oils together to achieve the desired scents and benefits. You’ll likely need to play around with a few bottles and mixture amounts to achieve what you’re happy with in the beginning. Once you figure that out we recommend just writing it down and keeping the mixture amounts somewhere that you can reference later on.

Step 1) Measure Out Carrier Oils

Begin by mixing your carrier oils till you have roughly 1 ounces worth. Let’s say for example you want to use Jojoba and sweet almond oil. You would then take .5 ounces of each and mix them together to roughly equal 1 ounce.

Step 2) Add Essential Oils

Measure our your desired amount of essential oils. Essential oils help you achieve a pleasurable scent that you’re after. I would recommend being extremely careful because some essential oils are extremely strong smelling. Start with a few drops to begin with and see how that is, iterate and add more as you find necessary. You can combine multiple essential oils to achieve your desired scent.

Step 3) Test it out!

Now that you’ve combined your desired essential oils and carrier oils, it’s time to give it a test! Note: make sure you’ve washed your beard and done some facial maintenance as always before using beard oils.

DIY Beard Oil Recipes

“Old Spice Beard Oil” (source)

  • 1 ounce carrier oils
    • .5 ounce Jojoba Oil
    • .5 ounce Argen Oil
  • 1-5 drops Old Spice aftershave

“Fresh Face Beard Oil” (source: diygiftsformen)

  • .75 ounce carrier oil
    • .75 ounce Sweet Almond Oil
  • 5-6 drops essential oil
    • 3 drops tea tree oil
    • 2-3 drops eucalyptus

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