Best Stubble Trimmers – These Help You Keep The Perfect Stubble Beard

If you are like me and most men, your facial hair grows way too fast. You shave in the morning for work, and by the time you get home you look like Chewbacca’s slightly less hairy brother.

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This doesn’t bode well if you happen to have a date with a lovely lady or some other engagement coming up that you need to look presentable for. If this is the case, you are going to want a stubble trimmer. These trimmers will help you get rid of that annoying five o’clock shadow, and keep you looking sharp for anything life throws at you.

Before buying any of these trimmers, there are a few things you may want to consider.


With stubble trimmers, there are several products to choose from, each with their own set of features and prices. While some of the cheaper ones may be appealing, sometimes these cheaper options are not always the best trimmers available.

What you will want is a trimmer that is well reviewed, works well, and also fits within your price range. This way, you can look great without breaking the bank.


Battery Life

Nothing could be worse than being in the middle of trimming your facial hair, when suddenly the blades of your trimmer start to slow down, before eventually stopping altogether. To avoid this, you will want to make sure that the trimmer that you may decide to buy has a battery that can last at least as long as your shave does.

In addition to this, the amount of time your trimmer’s battery takes to charge. You will have places to go and things to do, so you may not want to wait all day for you trimmer to be fully charged. Short charge time and a long lasting battery are the key to a great trimmer.



If you happen to be someone who travels a lot, either for work or pleasure, chances are you are going to want to take your stubble trimmer with you. As such, you will want to make sure that you don’t buy an overly bulky trimmer. You will want something that is easy to pack away in a suitcase or carrying case so that you will be able to look great no matter where you may be.


Top Five Stubble Trimmers

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Stubble Trimmer

Remington is one of those brand names that almost anyone can instantly recognize. This is because this is a name that is known for making quality products, and the MB4040 stubble trimmer is no exception.


The MB4040 contains nine different length settings to choose from, with three precision ground blades. This allows you to trim your stubble for a close shave no matter what the length of your stubble may be. This also allows for easy sculpting for those that want a neat, well-manicured goatee.

This Remington stubble trimmer also has a long, two hour battery life, which will ensure that the trimmer will last for however long your shave might last. The blades of the MB4040 are also very strong, coated with Titanium, which ensures that your blades will not wear down quickly.


It may not be a good idea to use the MB4040 after a shower, as the unit is not waterproof. If some water happens to get inside this trimmer, it can fry the whole thing, leading you to have to get a refund for your newly purchased stubble trimmer.

Also, while the battery life of the trimmer is good out of the box, after a few months use, the battery starts to lose some of its charge. Some users have even stated that the battery would flat out stop holding a charge after just two months, requiring the purchase of replacement batteries or a new trimmer.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100

Philips is yet another brand name notable for their line of male grooming products, and at the forefront of Philips products is their Norelco line. The Norelco line is known for delivering top of the line products, from nose hair trimmers to full razors If you want one of these products that can nearly do it all, however, look no further than the Norelco Multigroom.


While great for use as a stubble trimmer, the Multigroom also comes equipped with multiple attachments to help with nearly every element of facial grooming. This includes a nose and mustache trimmer, a stubble comb, and a detail trimmer.

For those users with sensitive skin, the Multigroom can help you there as well, because the rounded blade tips and combs of the trimmer will help you prevent skin irritation. To top this all off, the Multigroom also contains 18 built-in length settings, so that you can always find the setting that is perfect for the amount of stubble you have.


In comparison to a lot of other trimmers, the Multigroom is held back by the trimmer’s charge time and battery life. With a ten hour charge that only allows for about 35 minutes of cordless use, there are better options out there for quick and convenient use.

If you are thinking that maybe you can work around this issue by using the trimmer while it is plugged into the charger, you are out of luck there as well. The Multigroom does not work while plugged in, so you will have to wait until the battery is charged before you are able to use it.


TRYM II Hair Clipper Kit

Unlike some of the bigger names in the game, Pure Enrichment and their TRYM line of male grooming products tend to fly a bit under the radar, with names like the previous Remington and Philips usually taking the spotlight. Don’t be mistaken, however, as the TRYM II is a stubble trimmer like no other.


The TRYM II comes in a box with multiple accessories, such as different trimming attachments, as well as cleaning brushes and oil. On top of this, the TRYM also comes with a charging base, which not only charges your trimmer but does so in style.

The blades on this trimmer are professional grade. This means that the trimmer’s blades are certain to stay strong, as well as sharp to provide an accurate trim every time. Should anything go wrong with the TRYM, then you can also rest easy, as every unit comes with a one year warranty.


This included warrant is certainly a good thing to have, as you may need to make use of it when it comes to the battery. While not all TRYM trimmers seem to have this issue, there are cases of the battery of the TRYM losing its ability to charge fairly quickly. If this issue effects the trimmer you buy, you may find yourself using your warranty sooner rather than later, with the TRYM failing to charge after a few months use.


Remington PG6025 All-in-one

Remember what we said earlier, about Remington being one of the best-known brands in the world for men’s razors and trimmers? This praise isn’t for nothing, as we have yet another trimmer from the brand making an appearance. This time, we look at the “All-in-One”, which is a beard trimmer that is as versatile as its name implies.


The All-in-one really does include everything a man could want for a beard trimmer and beyond. This is because you not only get a trimmer, but also a hair clipper with adjustable length, a nose hair trimmer, ear trimmer, and multiple beard and stubble combs, to give you the perfect look.

If you are a man on the go, the All-in-one also comes complete with a pouch, that can easily carry your trimmer and accessories wherever life may take you. You also never have to worry about your blades becoming dull, as this beard trimmer has self-sharpening surgical steel blades, making sure that your trimmer’s blades are always in top condition.


Much like some other beard trimmers, the battery of this unit seems to have a few issues maintaining the charge. While this issue comes up much later than some others, with an average lifespan of 6 months to a year, the battery will eventually fail to hold a charge, requiring a replacement.

Luckily, the battery in the All-in-one is a simple AA battery. Should you have a little know-how, the battery is easy to replace, allowing you to use the trimmer even longer without having to buy a new product.


Braun BT3020 Beard/Hair Trimmer

The Braun BT3020 makes a lofty claim, stating that it is one of the world’s best beard and hair trimmers that money can buy. As big of a claim as this is, one look at the Braun BT3020, and you will see that this beard trimmer is more than just talk.


Featuring a whopping 20 different length settings, the BT3020 is a trimmer that is perfect for nearly any man’s grooming needs. These lengths vary from 0.5 mm all the way to 10 mm, meaning that anyone who uses the trimmer is guaranteed to get the perfect cut every time.

While the trimmer does have a fairly long 10 hour charge time, the trimmer can hold a charge for 40 minutes to an hour, meaning there is a good chance the BT3020 won’t run out of juice before you are done using it. Once you are done, you can easily detach and clean the trimmer’s head and combs, without having to worry that doing so will damage the product.

Speaking of the head and combs, all the blades for this trimmer stay ultra sharp, no matter how many times the product is used. This means that you can use this trimmer for years on end without worry of the blades becoming dull and unusable.


While there are little to no qualms to be had with the BT3020 as a product, the price of the trimmer is a little bit steeper than some other selections. At nearly $50 dollars at the time of this writing, the price of the Braun BT3020 may be a bit out of some people’s price range. That said, the price is more than worth paying for what is one of the best and longest lasting trimmers on the market.

Personal grooming is no laughing matter, as men and woman alike both want to make sure that they look good while out in the world. With one of these beard trimmers at your disposal, you will be guaranteed to be one of the sharpest looking men on the town.


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