Best Straight Razor (aka Straight Cut Throat Razors)

Last updated: September 14th 2016 There is nothing more difficult than making a choice as to which straight razor to purchase. This is even more difficult if this happens to be a form of shaving that you are new to. If you have chosen to go this route you have most likely already tried all of the safety and electric razors that are on today’s market. The prospect can be frightening for some who feel a mistake being made could result in a loss of skin along with facial hair!

Here we hope to extend to you an ample amount of basic knowledge in regard to a few of the best straight razor types and styles. Hopefully this information will give you a good place to begin when you go to make your very first purchase. It should probably be emphasized that there is no brand that can be considered better than any other despite what you will read here.

We all have our own particular personality and those traits will lead us to the things we like rather than the things we are told we should like. In the words of President Bush. “I don’t like broccoli.” Well, that is fine and good for him, but there are a myriad of people that love the stuff. This should give you a fairly good idea of what I am getting at.

Today there are a multitude of razor brands and some of the best brands are among them. Again, it needs to be stated that even the best of them may not be right for you if it simply does not feel comfortable when being used.

Choosing a Straight Razor

Knowing you wish to buy a straight razor is only half the battle. Making the right choice in a straight razor far exceeds your desire to own one.

If up to this point you have used nothing other than safety or cartridge razors you are about to enter a game where the rules are entirely different. There are a vast number of preferences in these razors if they are taken good care of. Here is where quality far exceeds quantity. The right choice should last you a lifetime and then some. One of the best places to begin your quest would be a barber supply store. Its where you can go to buy a straight razor with confidence. Do not be afraid to be inquisitive. If anyone has the right answers to your queries, it is going to be these guys.

In a straight razor place such as this, you will see that it is not necessary to purchase the most costly razor they have in stock. Keep in mind what your bank account can afford to part with. After all, you are new at this and what a waste it would be to spend an exorbitant amount of cash only to find you don’t like what you purchased.

One of the things that will be explained to you is the temper or hardness of the blade in any specific razor. You can find blades in hard, soft and medium tempers. Each will have it advantages as well as disadvantages. One good demonstration would be how much longer the hard temper will keep its sharpness over the soft tempered. Also pay close attention to balance. There needs to be an even amount of weight distributed between the blade and the handle.

The last thing needed to watch out for is the grind of the blade as they come in both the wedge and concave grind. Barbers seem to lean toward the toward the concave blade due to the resistance it gives. If you have a long and tough beard, the wedge may suit you better but be advised that you need skill and an adeptness in sharpening the wedge.

Disclaimer on Our Best Straight Razor Brands

Do not determine that the list given here is to show that these are the only good razors there are. You can find other great name brands at places like Straight Razor Place or Badger and Blade. Here you will find variations in price and style that it is hoped will get you pointed in the right direction along with the few pointers we give here..

Best Straightcut Throat Razor Brands

The Stylish: Dovo Straight Razors

They unique style of the Dovo is one that is hard to miss. Check these out if for no other reason than curiosity. You are bound to be intrigued to the max.
Price: The cost of a Dovo is all over the charts. While you can buy a really good one for around $30.00, they can also run as high as the $200 plus mark. Yet, you can deter from the ornate and the cost and still own a great razor.

Shave: The shave that you get is exceptional when weighed against the amount of money you have invested. It is light weight making for ease of handling. This disposable blade straight razor requires no attention in regard to honing or stropping. If it were to have a drawback it would be that the light weight makes it more difficult to remove the stubble of a few days growth.

Special features: This disposable light weight razor is a snap to use. When the blade begins to dull, one is removed and a new one is inserted. This is a practicality that the novice will find beneficial.

The Affordable: Parker Straight Razors

The name Parker is known to be well recognized in the world of best straight razors. It is only their production of safety razors that leaves it much to be desired.

Price: Affordability puts the Parker razor well within the means of most people. Add to this the fact that many are beginners when using a straight razor and you have a product that is well sought after.

Shave: The Parker R1 shave was to be admired. There is some weight to it with a blade that holds it sharpness exceedingly well. Add to that a handle that fits the curve of the palm and there isn’t much else one could want other than the angled blade that protects the skin against nicks.

The Luxuriously Expensive: Thiers-Issard Straight Razors

When a person has enough funds to afford a Lamborghini, the Theirs-Issard straight razor would have to be its parallel. The workmanship that goes into this model can set you back as much as $300.00 but it is worth every single penny. Forget anything extra you may need to keep this razor performing at its best, such as a strop or hone, because the price is for the razor only. This is one gem that will be passed down from generation to generation. A shave with this baby is nothing less than ‘par excellence.”

Shave: The Thiers-Issard shave is the best you can hope for. The near perfect balance and the subtlety of the curve makes this shave one of ease.

The Reliable: Luxor Straight Razors

Purchasing a Luxor model razor would be thought of as purchasing a cheaper model and in all truth it is. Many would look at this and figure there is no way it will last much more than a few shaves. That is where they would be wrong. It’s inexpensive price is what draws the average man to it. It is, without a doubt, the best learning model on the market today. Properly honed and sharpened, the Luxor will last an inordinate amount of time and provide numerous shaves.

Price: Extremely affordable at a cost of under $20 makes the Luxor most intriguing to the beginner and an excellent choice for a model to use when traveling.

Shave: If purchased by the beginner it should be noted that this razor does not come ready to shave with. If you are unsure of how to prepare the blade allow a pro to show you how it is done. Then you will be ready for numerous shaves.

Style:If you enjoy the look of stainless steel, this is a model you will enjoy. It is made of pure surgical stainless.

The German Model of Giesen and Forsthoff

The production of a line of straight razors referred to as Timor, this razor has maintained that old world charm. It is a handsome piece and one that your ancestors would most likely have used. It would come as no surprise to see a very similar one used on a western movie set. Its rating is up there as one of the finest with a cost to match. Yet, you will get a lot for the money you spend.

Price: Unless your pockets are deep this razor will cost you a few dollars above average. One of the first class razors anywhere, the blade is made up of carbon steel, and rosewood forms the handle.

Shave: We are not going to say this blade is sharp because it is extremely sharp! You can get your first shave the minute you take it from the box. Facial skin will never have felt so smooth.

Special Features: Displayed in a good looking box, here is a razor that is hollow ground with the words “Timor Deluxe” etched intricately into the handle.

The Modern: Fromm

When it comes to German engineering, the Fromm is difficult to beat. The company specializes in constructing a straight razor with a long life expectancy but with a modern look that many find attractive.

Price: The Fromm has a good price that most can afford. It can be found for a price in the area of $60.

Shave: This is another model that does not come from the factory ready to use. With all of the likes and dislikes of people, a good majority of companies find this the best way to ship, and then the individual can hone the blade to their own preference. Honing first is vitally important. Stropping first could cause damage to the blade, but once prepared properly the blade will get you the great performance that is expected.

Style: Appealing with a black handle that exudes the look of sleekness, you will find the Fromm a nice addition to your bathroom necessities.

The Legendary: Hen & Rooster

With all of the kudos we have given to German manufacturers some accolade must be given to the company of Hen and Rooster. Producers of cutlery beginning in 1845, they also make a straight razor that many find more than sufficient while performing its job adequately.

Price: Unless you are looking to spend an exorbitant amount of cash the Products of Hen & Rooster should make a good choice. Priced in the range of $50-$60, you will find that after using one, you got a lot for your money.

Shave: If one is to rate the shave of the Hen & Rooster perhaps it would be best described as giving a shave that is good. It should not be considered a cheap straight razor but there are others that would likely give a closer shave. Still, the job is accomplished with reliability and satisfaction.

Style: This company began producing straight razors back in 1845. Since then the style has changed very little. If your taste runs to modern or sleek, this is probably not the razor you are looking for. Yet for those who are into the nostalgia of old school style, it is sure to not disappoint.

In conclusion, if practice makes perfect, this is one art you will be pleased that you have learned. You just can’t beat the straight razor shave no matter how you cut it.

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