Best Mustache Trimmer – Who Wants A Nasty Mustache? Not Me

Nothing screams the word “manly” quite like a mustache. One look at a man with a well-groomed mustache and you know that the man is all business. (Unless, of course, the man in question is my aunt Gertrude, but that’s a story for another day.)



-Can be used on more than just mustache
-Blades Removable for Cleaning

-Adjustable Comb

-Anodized Aluminum Body

-Eyebrow Trimmer Attachment

-Requires AAA Batteries
-Adjustable Blade

-Seven Trimming Attachments

-High-powered motor
-Dual Cut Blades

-Comfortable rubber grip

-Three precision combs

You may be asking how these men get such a masculine, yet well groomed, look to their mustache. The answer to this question is a good mustache trimmer.

These trimmers can be used to shape and style your mustache, as well as eliminate any stray hairs, to give you the best possible look. Some of these products can even be used to get rid of peach fuzz if you don’t wish to have a mustache… but who wouldn’t?

To help you in your quest for a new mustache trimmer, we will be looking at five of the best trimmers you can buy today. This way, you can eliminate the extra research and get to trimming in now time!

First, a few things you may want to consider before buying a mustache trimmer:

Corded vs. Cordless

When buying a mustache trimmer, you certainly have your options available to you in terms of design. You will likely find that some of these run on battery, some operate while plugged in, and others don’t require electricity at all.

You will want to find the trimmer that fits your lifestyle most. If you are a person who doesn’t have an electric socket available or if you just don’t want to get tangled in a cord, you’ll want to get a wireless, battery powered trimmer. If you like the feeling of knowing that your battery won’t die mid shave, then the corded or non-electric option is for you.

Battery Life

Should you choose to go with the battery powered option, then you will want to get a trimmer that has a good, long battery life. This way you won’t end up looking ridiculous thanks to a trimmer that dies mid-use, leaving you to become the butt of many jokes.

Going hand in hand with battery life is the time it takes to actually charge the battery. Chances are that you are a man on the go, and if so you can’t be waiting all day for your trimmer’s battery to charge. To remedy this, you will want to get a trimmer that has a good battery life, but a relativity low charge time.


Nearly everyone today has a budget that they like to stick to, making sure that they will have enough cash in the bank to pay the bills every month. This is not a reason to look shabby, however. Seeing as trimmer’s come in a range of different prices, you will want to keep an eye out for the best possible trimmer in the best price range for your lifestyle.

Peak Products Facial Hair Scissors

As stated above, not all of the mustache trimmers you can buy will be powered by a battery or electricity. One such trimmer is the Peak Products Facial Hair Trimmer, which is a trimmer that proves that sometimes basic is the best option.


The Peak Product scissors are made using hard, stainless steel. This steel lends itself to the durability of the scissors, as it makes them hard to damage. Not only that, because this trimmer is made with stainless steel, they are easy to clean as well.

This product comes with no fancy attachments, and are as simple to use as any other pair of scissors. While this simplicity may not be for everyone, it does make the Peak Product scissors one of the easiest to use items on our list. Plus, seeing as no electricity is required, you will be able to use these scissors to trim your mustache even if the power were to go out for some reason.


What will not be to some people’s liking is the fact that, as you would expect, everything is done manually with this trimmer. This means that it may take more time to finish trimming your mustache then it would with an electric trimmer, which may be inconvenient to some.

Another slight hit against the Peak Product trimmer is the blades of the scissors themselves. These blades are a little duller than other trimmers can be, and as a result can lead to some rare, but unpleasant, tugging while clipping.


Conair Corded Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Conair is a brand name that many people associate with quality grooming products (or a mediocre Nicholas Cage film). It should come as no surprise, then, that the Conair brand provides one of the best corded options for mustache trimmer available.


One of the best things about the Conair beard and mustache trimmer is their adjustable comb sizes. With five varying lengths to choose from, you will be able to style your mustache to be as short or as long as you would like it to be.

You’ll never have to worry about hair gunking up your blades, either, as the stainless steel blades can be removed, allowing for easy cleaning.

Probably the best thing about this trimmer, however, is its low price of only around $8. This makes the Conair one of the most affordable grooming options you can find if you want a good looking mustache on the cheap.


The only issue with the Conair corded trimmer is one that occurs with many corded units, in that the trimmer can sometimes overheat. This is due to it’s constant connection to a wall outlet, which can cause the trimmer to become warm during use and malfunction. This is an extremely rare occurrence, however, and shouldn’t be too much cause for concern.


Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman

While you are obviously here for a mustache trimmer, wouldn’t it be nice to get a trimmer that is designed to help with multiple areas of your personal grooming? If that’s the case, the Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman is one such trimmer.


The Micro Groomsman comes with attachments not just to trim your mustache, but to trim eyebrows and nose hair as well. This makes the Micro a great option for those that want an all in one trimmer for multiple facial hair needs.

The Micro is built with a durable, anodizes aluminum body, which makes the trimmer strong and hard to damage. Not only that, but this body makes the Micro a great option for travel as well, as you don’t have to worry about the trimmer being damaged in your travel bags.


The Micro Groomsman, unlike other options you will come across, requires the use of an AAA battery. While the battery life in this trimmer is fairly long, it can become a costly, and tedious, endeavor to have to drive out to your local store to buy more batteries for your trimmer.

The trimmer also seems to emit a lot of noise while it is in use. This little noise issue won’t matter that much to some but will drive others crazy enough that they may wish to look the other way on this product.


Trym Pro Premium Hair Trimming Set

Did you like the features of the Micro Groomsman, but want a trimmer with even more options for you? Then this trimmer, the Trym Pro, is sure to have you covered.


Featuring seven separate trimming attachments, the Trym Pro literally has all your bases, from beard to eyebrows, covered. Thanks to the adjustable blades of the Trym Pro, you can use all theses attachments blades to give your mustache, and other facial hair, the perfect look.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery of the Trym Pro gives users a good one hour of shave time when fully charged. This battery is used to power the trimmer’s powerful motor, which makes the trimmer a powerful tool to use for even the thickest of hair.


The blades themselves is where the Trym Pro falls short. The blades are a bit on the dull side for a lot of units, and without oil, it is possible that the trimmer will tug and pull hair, as well as sometimes leave missed spots during your shave.

The price is also an issue that some people may have with the Trym Pro. At nearly $40 dollars, this isn’t the cheapest of trimmer options available, which may turn off some potential customers.


Philips Norelco GoStyler

Much like Conair, Philips is a name that is synonymous with grooming products of all kinds. As such, it should come as no surprise that our final trimmer for today comes from the Philips brand, with the Norelco GoStyler.


The GoStyler uses something called “Dual-Cut” technology, which means that the blades of the trimmer are double sharpened. With these kinds of blades,  the GoStyler is certain to cut through your hair without the risk of annoying hair pulling.

When using the GoStyler, the product has an easy-grip rubber handle, making the trimmer comfortable to use and keep a grip on. When washing, thanks to a waterproof design, you can easily clean and manage every part of the trimmer without concern for damage.

To help cut mustache hair of varying lengths, the GoStyler comes included with three precision combs. These combs are also as easy to clean as the rest of the trimmer, thanks in part to the included cleaning brush that comes with the trimmer.


The only real drawback to the GoStyler is the same as one of the previous trimmers, in that it requires the use of an AA battery to operate. While by no means a big deal, it is less convenient than having the ability to simply recharge the battery when the battery starts to die.

Now that you have finished reading this article, you should now have enough information to get the perfect mustache trimmer. With any of these trimmers in hand, getting the perfect and most manly of mustaches is now that much easier.

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