Need Help Choosing The Best Beard Vitamins?

Like most men, if we can’t grow a beard, we wish we could – whether or not you think you’d look good in one, you still want to know you have the option, you know? Regardless of your ability to grow a beard, even the best of us need a little help to maintain it. This is where beard vitamins come in – just like we take supplements to help us deal with the vitamin deficiencies that come as a result of our already whacked diets, the best beard vitamins can help us grow and keep that full, majestic chin rug we so desire.

There are a lot of beard vitamins on the market, and some of them are virtually indistinguishable from snake oil, so you might want to make sure you do your research before trying them out. Luckily, we’ve put together a little guide that should help you make the best possible beard pill decision. Enjoy!

Tips to Help You Remember Your Vitamins

Before we jump into the different vitamin options you have to grow or make your existing facial hair fuller, it might be a good idea to snag some tips on how to remember to actually take them.

For those of us that are on the forgetful side, taking vitamins with a meal is a good way to ensure that you get your dose in. It also has the added benefit of reducing the chances of any stomach issues that you may encounter with some of the vitamins and minerals.

Another great way to remember to take your vitamins is to bring them with you. You’ll always be reminded of that pill container in your pocket with each step you take.

Try not to store your supplements in an area that is closed away and out of view because you’re more likely to forget them. If that vitamin bottle is staring you in the face each time you make a cup of coffee, brush your teeth or shave your face, you’re sure to remember them at some point.

Got a smart phone? Try an app to remind you. You can use the alarm clock app that pretty much all phones have or you can download a new one. Set an alarm for the same time and for each day that you need to take your vitamin.

If you’d rather not go the high tech route that’s cool too and we totally get that you may not want to have another reason to look at your phone. We are big fans of old school sticky notes on the fridge, desk or your computer screen. Whatever floats your boat will work and get that facial hair sprouting.

VitaBeard – Facial Hair Support Formula

VitaBeard is a great nutritional supplement to help out even the most robust and healthy facial hair, since it will help your beard keep that shine and volume that keeps you looking so good. All you have to do is start taking 3 a day with every meal, and within a couple months you can definitely start to see results. You’ll notice a great deal more growth in your beard than you had before trying it.

The thing I like about VitaBeard is that it’s totally vegan – while I’m not a vegan myself, I enjoy the fact that it’s definitely a product that does not use GMO or gluten-based products. VitaBeard itself is full of Vitamin D and zinc, which are known to help facilitate and maintain beard growth and volume. What’s more, some people report that their acne goes away after taking it. Double benefit!

Beardilizer Facial Hair and Beard Growth Complex for Men

Beardilizer is designed to facilitate fuller and healthier beard growth, and it should grow faster than you could ever imagine. Botanical extracts and other natural ingredients also work to moisturize and feed the fibers of your facial hair. This gives your beard a nice luster that will make you feel like a million bucks.

The Beardilizer pills have a bit of a strong smell to them, though. They don’t taste very good either. Still, that’s usually the case for a men’s active one-a-day vitamin, so I’m not going to hold that against them too much.


BeardMaxx is designed to increase growth speed, while also nourishing the beard the same way these other best beard vitamins do. The main reason to pick these over the ones already mentioned is that, compared to the others, this one has probably the fastest hair growth speed, allowing people to see results in a matter of weeks as opposed to months. The stuff is strong, so be sure to portion it out appropriately, but you’ll be sure to see that beard growing out faster than ever before once you try BeardMaxx.

BRO: Beard Rejuvenating Oil

Now, this one isn’t exactly a ‘vitamin’, since you don’t take it the same way you would these other pills. But it does have a similar purpose as these other hair growth vitamins. BRO, in essence, is a rejuvenating oil that you rub on your beard to nourish and moisturize it.

The primary ingredient is apricot kernel oil, which is full of omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E, so it’s already packed with nutrition for your thirsty hair follicles. Furthermore, the coconut oil in it will keep the beard moisturized, and the aforementioned omega-6s will do wonders for beard growth and the skin underneath. This one is a nice alternative to the people who don’t want to have to take more pills every day; it’s just manually applied to the beard!

NOW Foods Biotin

Biotin is great in a more general sense, as it promotes skin, hair and nail health all across your body instead of just being a beard vitamin. People who take Biotin supplements notice substantial thickening and advanced growth in their hair after a few months of use, and it is usually pretty good for your beard in particular. While it’s not as sexy or fun as the other hair growth pills we’ve shown you, it’s certainly an option for people who want something a little more low-key.

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