Best Beard Conditioners – The Crucial Step to the Perfect Man-Mane

Joe Manganiello. Jared Leto. David Beckham. Ryan Gosling. These are just a few names of famous men who’ve all worn famous beards that appear just right.

Let’s be frank here; beards are classic and never seem to disappear off the good looks radar. In fact, beards are super trendy in 2015; just always remember to reach for some beard conditioner.

Beard conditioner is a real thing and great for all male facial hair. There’s nothing worse than having your partner complain about a rough, scraggly man-mane. Beard conditioner is a nice treat for your beard and benefits your facial hair in several ways.

What Is Beard Conditioner Used For? What Makes The Best Beard Conditioner?

Beards like any type of hair require moisture to fight away dry, brittle or damaged follicles. A decent conditioner will provide a protective layer by coating the hair and also fight frizzies, and that is generally what a beard conditioner is all about. It’s a key step in the grooming process for a healthy-growing, shiny beard.

Another important factor pertains to beard texture. The hair on the face is different than the hair on the head. That is why beard conditioners were developed- to deal with unique, beard issues. For example, beard hair is known to be coarse. Dermatologists will tell you that beard hair is thicker than scalp hair and lies differently. Beard hair also has flatter follicles making it curlier.

Plus beard hair grows in a shorter hair cycle compared to scalp hair. These unique features alone are reasons for using a beard conditioner, and if it costs a bit more, it’s worth it, because hair conditioner is not right for your beard.

Typical Ingredients Of The Best Beard Conditioner

A man’s facial skin is more sensitive than his scalp skin. Any harsh ingredients applied to a beard can cause irritation, itchiness and even strip the natural oils from the beard, making it dry and brittle. A good beard conditioner is free of sulfates and pampers facial hair.

Beard butter is just one type of conditioner to try. It’s a creamy formula often made with elegant beard softeners like coconut, shea butter, glycerin and so forth.

Beard oil is another form of beard conditioning. Some men like to go au naturale by applying a little olive oil, almond oil or grapeseed oil to their man-mane. However, it might be best to buy a beard conditioner that contains one of those oils along with other added ingredients that promote healthy growth and hydration. Ingredients like avocado, Vitamin E and pomegranate all soothe and untangle challenging facial hair.

Probably the best part of a beard conditioner is its scent. Some smell like plain, old vanilla, but others can deliver a masculine scent like leather, black licorice or even tobacco.

Try some beard conditioner. It’s a good thing. really.

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