What’s The Best Badger Shaving Brush?

Last updated: September 14th 2016 One of the keys to a good shave is to make sure you’ve got good tools. This means a worth while razor, brush, bowl, and soap. A high quality shaving brush is absolutely worth the investment because it will help soften your skin, minimize ingrown hairs, eliminate brush burn, and provide a quality lather on your face.

You want to go with a brush that once broken in will remain soft and pliable such as a high quality badger shaving brush.

Do Brushes Shed, Including The Best Badger Brushes??

Unfortunately, yes shave brush shedding is real. “Brush Shedding” is a known symptom of aged brushes where they begin losing their bristles.

What Causes Badger Brush Shedding To Happen?

There are a variety of situations that may cause your brushes hair to disappear, however some of these situations can be avoided.

Cause #1: Temperature Of Water

Water temperature is a key factor in terms of health for your badger shaving brush. You need to make sure that your brush stays soaked in warm water for approximately 30-60 seconds prior to shaving. This helps soften the badger hair for a higher quality later.

Overly hot soaking water may cause the badger hair to become brittle and weak. Extremely hot water may event result in loosening of the base epoxy resulting in the hair straight up falling out.

Cause #2: Improper Soaking Pre-Shave

If you do not soak your brush long enough the bristle may not have the necessary amount of time to soften up resulting in broken bristles due to dryness.

Cause #3: Breaking In A New Brush

Many brushes are known to experience shedding when they are first being used. After it’s been used a few times and fully broken in it should stop shedding as long as it’s used properly.

Cause #4: Defective Brush Knot

If you see that your brush is shedding an unusual amount when you first use it, you may have purchased a shave brush with a defective knot. If this happens, I suggest you ring your manufacturer and see what they can do about it.

Cause #5: Improper Care

If your brush is not properly maintained pre and post shave, your brush may mildew. You also want to make sure that you sterilize your brush. To do this just mix some Borax soap powder and water. Make sure to rinse it out and then hang your brush upside down to dry.

Types of The Best Badger Shaving Brushes

Brushes are available in both natural and synthetic options. Most shaving brushes utilize either boars hair or badger hair. Badger brushes are typically the better choice because they absorb water at a better level.

Before we talk about the different grades of badger hair, it’s important to note that there is no actual industry standard that designates badger hair grades, however certain classifications do exist to aid in quality assessment.

  • Pure Badger Brushes: The pure badger hair brush is the least expensive quality, but is a great brush for someone just starting out in wet shaving. Typically this hair is a coarse texture and may come in a variety of colors, simple to lather and exfoliate the skin with. Expect the bristles to soften up over time.
  • Best Badger Brushes: This is the 3rd highest grade, and is able to absorb water extremely well. This type is great at creating a deeper lather since it utilizes softer badger fur. Typically this color scheme will be “banded”.
  • Super Badger Brushes: The super badger brush is the 2nd highest grade of badger fur. It is a finer hair with a banded color pattern that typically consists of white tips. The tips are known to be extremely soft, with this brush being quite dense. This type of brush requires a bit of extra care since they are a bit more delicate. You can expect a rich and creamy lather, and higher price tag.
  • Silvertip Badger Brushes: This is the highest possible grade, and is by far the softest natural hair shaving brush. If proper care is not maintained, you can expect it to break. The prices on this brush type are very high.

Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

This pure badger brush is perfect for the beginner wet shaver. It’s extremely affordable (roughly $12) and is effective at creating a smooth later without irritating your face. Since it is a lower priced product you can expect brush shedding to happen. For the money this is a great beginner badger brush.

Premium Black Badger By Wet Shaving Products

Featuring a wooden handle, this homemade brush is a great tool for any wet shaver. Due to its solid wood handle it can be a bit heavier than most other brushed. At an affordable $20, it’s another excellent starter brush.

Parker 100% Best Badger

Another great handmade option, the Parker 100% Best Badger is know for creating great lathers and is a bit heavier than other most brushes. It also features a chrome tip handle making giving it a high end appearance. We really like this brush for beginners because it comes with an included shaving brush stand.

Baxter of California Best Badger

Baxter of California is a great company known for their top of the line products. Made in Germany, this all natural best badger hair grade brush is perfect for the creation of lather. Priced at roughly $50, this is a great item to pamper your face.

“The Prince” High Density Premium Silvertip

As we mentioned above, a Silvertip is the highest quality badger brush that you can buy. This is an extremely high quality and extra dense brush that provides an absolutely incredible lather. The handle is designed ergonomically and is very functional when using. Expect to pay $60, but if you have the budget we highly recommend it.

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