Many men love to sport their nice looking beards. What many people might not understand is that beards actually require a lot of upkeep. A beard is not just something that a man decides to grow because he doesn’t feel like shaving, but in order to have a beard that actually looks nice and is healthy, there is more work that is required. For that reason many men that choose to wear beards choose to use beard oil

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Beard Oil and Conditioner by Leven Rose

Mountaineer brand Natural Beard by Mountaineer Brand

Natural Man Beard oil by Botanical Skin Works

Grave Before Shave beard oil by Grave Before shave

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil by Honest Amish


What Exactly Is Beard Oil

Beard oil is a mixture of different oils that can give nourishment, softness, and body to a mans beard. Beard oil can be good both for the hair of the beard and also for the skin on the face. Beard oil usually contains a mixture of two different types of oils. The first type of oil is called essential oils and the other type is called carrier oils. Beard oils can have different uses, and it all depends on what a man wants out of his beard. Some men do not want beards that are very long, they may just want a beard that is healthy, and they may want the skin underneath their beard to be moisturized as well. There are some beard oils that specialize in moisturizing skin and also hair, and there are other beard oils that are made to help a man’s beard grow to be healthy and long. Beard oils come with different types of oils and different types of fragrances, and each man can choose which he prefers.

Why Use Beard Oil

There are many reasons why a man would want to use beard oil. First of all if a beard is not kept clean and moisturized, it can make the skin around the beard feel itchy and dry. The hair that is on the face has a different texture than hair that is found on a person’s head. For that reason different oils are required to make it manageable, and healthy. Apart from that if a beard is not well taken care of it can be unmanageable, and it can also smell. Beard oil can help a beard be more soft and malleable and also can help a Beard have a pleasant aroma.

What Are The Popular Ingredients In Beard Oil and Are They Good or Bad

There are many different oils that can be used in a beard oil. The first group of oils are what are known as essential oils. Essential oils are what can give the beard oil it’s fragrance. They are generally concentrated, and they are made from aromatic botanical plants. They generally only have the use of giving a good fragrance to the beard, and they are not damaging to the hair on the beard at all because they are completely and totally natural.

There are also other oils that are included in beard oil.

Vitamins E oil is beneficial to the skin and the beard because it is an antioxidant, a moisturizer and it stimulates hair growth.

Coconut oil can give moisture and can condition a man’s beard. It also can stimulate healthy hair growth and can treat dandruff. Castor oil is rich in omega six fatty acids. Castor oil can prevent split ends and it also stimulates hair growth.

Almond oil is a moisturizer, it prevents split ends and it can help give softness and shine to a beard.

Grapeseed oil is also a very common oil used in beard oil and it is rich in vitamins E. It can also prevent acne and moisturizes the beard.

Jojoba oil is oil that is rich in many minerals and vitamins. Jojoba oil is a great moisturizer, it is also antifungal and it can help with hair growth.

These are just some of the oils that can be found in beard oil, and they are all beneficial both to the beard and to the skin on the face. If you haven’t try your own homemade beard oil as well. It’s quite the experience and very satisfying to know you’ve created something great!

How To Apply Beard Oil

The application of beard oil is generally simple. A man should apply some of the beard oil to his clean hands and then rub the oil on the beard and also massage the oil on to the skin on his face. It is important to make sure that the beard oil not only gets to the exterior parts of hair, but also to all of the hair on the face and skin.

What Are The Top 5 Rated Beard Oils?

Beard oils are easy to purchase, all that a person has to do is go to, and they can find affordable beard oils. The top five beard oils sold on Amazon are as follows:

#1 Beard Oil and Conditioner by Leven Rose

#2 Mountaineer brand Natural Beard by Mountaineer Brand

#3 Natural Man Beard oil by Botanical Skin Works

#4 Grave Before Shave beard oil by Grave Before shave

#5 Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil by Honest Amish.

Beard oils generally range in price from about $10 all the way up to $30. Some men choose to buy only beard oils, but they also can choose from leaving balms, butters and conditioners. Since many men like to show off their beards, they do well to find a great beard oil in order to keep their beards smelling nice and looking healthy.

5 More Popular Beard Oils

Burroughs Beard Oil by Prospector Co.
It was named after Naturalist John Burroughs. The oil is light and easily absorbed in the skin. It is so easy to apply and give the best result. The smell last for a longtime and is masculine and pleasant. It can be used for any beard length.

Tree Ranger beard oil by Beard Brand
It is easy to apply. It is light making it convenient for any beard length. It is a product of Erick Bandholz. Its smell is sweet and strong. This makes you smell fresh throughout the day.

Woodsman beard oil by The Bearded Bastard
It is recommended for short beards. It is heavy and very shinny. This outstanding shinny effect makes it better than most of the oils. It has cedar wood scent making its smell so fresh.

Beard Buddy Organic Beard Oil
It is known to be environmental friendly. Its sandal wood scent makes it feel fresh and pleasant to use. It is light in weight. This oil has anti-aging and softening properties. This protects your beard from aging fast, keeping it soft. The vitamin E in it makes it an antioxidant.

Fragrance Free Beard Oil and Conditioner by Leven Rose
The oil is purely organic. This is a good choice for the men who like simple products. It has no scent. It can therefore be used with people with allergies to strong smells, or anyone who would want to use different perfumes. This has made it popular than other beard oils. It is relatively cheap making it the most affordable. It is light and you can use it on any beard length.