Last updated: September 14th 2016 Alright, so you want to grow a beard. So does almost every other guy, but the first thing to realize is that some of us physically can’t. Some guys don’t grow facial hair for whatever reason, and it’s cool man… there’s a few ways to solve that:

  • Shaving cream beard
  • Magic Marker Beard
  • etc

Now these are of course temporary beards, but they still give you the satisfaction of seeing what you look like with a beard. They let you dream a bit and imagine as if you could grow that sexy full hairy beard. But you can’t.

Tips For Growing A Beard:

Patience is key – Everyones facial hair grows at different speeds. Understand that it takes time to grow the beard your after. If you’re truly interested in growing a beard, you need to just let your hair grow. Don’t shave it off, don’t shape it until it gets to the desired length.

Know your skin type – This tip goes along with some of the below tips… know your skin type. Do you have sensitive skin? Does your skin itch? Does your skin develop rashes under your facial hair? Be prepared when these issues arise, and know how to treat them.

Stay Moisturized – Keep your skin moisturized and make to you are using beard conditioner. Keeping your skin conditioned will minimize dry flaky skin and promote healthier beard growth.

Fight your craving to itch – I know I know… facial hair is ITCHY! However, you must resist the temptation. Let your facial hair do its thing. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re busy checking your beautiful beard in the mirror.

Keep it shaped – When guys start to let their facial hair get ratty they are almost guaranteed to hear complaints from a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. Keep your beard shaped so that your significant other stays in the approval zone. This is also important to keeping yourself happy with your beard growth. Make your beard an asset, not something that reduces your wonderful face (as my wife would say).

Check for ingrown hairs – Ingrown hairs suck ass. Straight up. Make sure you are minimizing your ingrown hairs so that you reduce chance on infection and get tons of awesome hair growing from your thick beastly follicles.

Take Biotin regularly – This is just a tip, not required. Biotin is known to promote hair growth (source), so taking it daily or regularly can potentially help increase the speed and health at which your facial hair grows.

Reduce your distress – Hair is said to be a key indicator of a stressed out person. Keep your negative stress to a minimum in order to keep your facial hair growth accelerated. Going to the gym is great for kicking up endorphins and reducing negative stress.

Eat a healthy diet – This should be common sense. Eating clean +  eating healthy = PROFIT. Protein is said to promote hair growth, and nutrients are key to hair growth (vitamins).

Hopefully these tips help you grow the beard you’ve been after. If we come up with any other tips, we’ll make sure to update this article so that you know about them. If you find any tips that weren’t mentioned here, just post them in the comments below!

How To Grow A Beard

Now that we talked about tips to grow a beard, let’s just straight up talk about what you need to do to grow one in general.

Step 1) Make sure you can grow facial hair

Step 2) Don’t shave, let facial hair grow

Step 3) Once facial hair gets to a certain length, begin to shape it to desired fashion

Step 4) Take care of your beard by utilizing beard trimmers, beard conditioner, beard oil, and beard wax (if necessary). These will ensure the overall health of your beard.

Step 5) $$$ PROFIT – You now have a rockin beard!

Now you’ve got an awesome list of beard growth tips you can go and implement as well as the very basics on how to grow a thick beard. Enjoy my friends, and a toast to your future beards!